Vampirella # 17 review

After reading Vampirella issue 17,  I have to say all in all it was very entertaining. I haven’t really kept up with this series as there are so many good comic books out nowadays and, unfortunately, I can’t buy them all.

Anyway, Vampirella is a truly good comic as it has many elements to keep a reader interested. Vampirella has a young girl as a sidekick and apparently they have been on some insane adventures together. One of these many adventures have included an exorcism they performed for the Vatican; I know, pretty wild, but I guess not as far-fetched as you might think because the real life Vatican has been known to perform exorcisms even today in modern times.  They have a school that teaches a select number of priests the procedures for correctly performing exorcisms.

Ok, back to the story. The comic starts out in a face off situation between Vampirella and her sidekick, but her sidekick is possessed by a World War I Prussian soldier called Von Kreist, a murderer and a sadist who preferred young girls as his victims. Kreist sold his soul to the devil for immortality and you know what happens when you sell your soul to the devil, he finds a way to make you sorry that you did. In Von Kreist’s case he kept him alive inside a rotting dead shell that he once called a body, leaving him as an undead, deranged monster.

Eventually Von Kreist’s body was destroyed but years later he was resurrected as the demon like creature who now possesses Vampirella’s sidekick Sofia. Vampirella, obviously not being able to get into a physical confrontation, must wage a psychic battle with Kreist who is too powerful to be beaten by this method. Just when you’re trying to figure out how she is going to defeat them, these mercenaries arrive and they work for the Vatican, and the plot thickens.

At this point it turns into an action-fest, both the mercenaries and Vampirella want Kreist dead, but the mercenaries don’t care about Sofia at first which brings us to an interesting three-way battle of mortals and immortals.

Like I said earlier, this is a good comic that is well written, has detailed penciling, and vibrant colors. So, if you like tales of vampires, demon possession, and shoot em up action, then you should probably start reading Vampirella because it has all of that and more.

Written by: Eric Trautmann/  Illustrated by: Jose Malaga/  Lettered by: Marshall Dillon/ Colored by: Stefani Rennee

Well, that’s all for now nerds, nerdettes, and horror fans of all ages. I leave you with a few pics from Vampirella from Dynamite Entertainment.

























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