Vampyr May Hit TV Screens Soon

Because Game Plots Make Great Stories…

For game enthusiasts with a love for vampire literature, this is a treat. Say goodbye to the stagnant and overused vampire plots of living forever and falling in love. Vampyr takes place in Spanish Flu-infested London, circa 1918. Gameplay from a third-person perspective, man vs. nature and man vs. the world. This will be fun!

Vampyr, the Game

Vampyr (DontNod Entertainment) screenshot 11
Screenshot courtesy of DontNod Entertainment

Vampyr is a roleplaying game (RPG) by DontNod Entertainment, a French video game developer based in Paris. The game focuses on Jonathan E. Reid, the game’s protagonist. He is a doctor who comes back to London from the Great War in 1918. Spoiler alert! He wakes up in a mass grave, thirsty for blood. This bloodlust causes him to kill his sister, Mary, who was only searching for his body at the time.

The game has received mixed reviews. However, there’s no doubt that Vampyr’s plot can be brought to the small screen. The character’s dualism, being both a doctor and a vampire, is a fresh take on vampire literature and the genre. 

Vampyr, the TV Show

Vampyr (DontNod Entertainment) screenshot 10
Screenshot courtesy of DontNod Entertainment

Fox 21, a production company, has recently bought rights to the RPG. Wonderland Sound and Vision (of Supernatural and Shadowhunters fame) and DJ2 Entertainment will work on the show. This isn’t the first DJ2 and DontNod collaboration. DontNod’s episodic game Life is Strange had DJ2 as its TV-adaptation’s executive producer. So rest assured, they know what they’re doing.

DontNod’s CEO Oskar Gilbert believes that Vampyr is a fantastic premise for a TV show. 

 “This is a new and exciting way for fans of the game, as well as the uninitiated, to enter and engage with ‘Vampyr’s’ rich, deep story. We cannot wait to see how the talented team at Fox21 will bring out the darkly atmospheric universe of our game into television.”

DJ2 CEO Dmitri Johnson also had words to say about bringing Vampyr to the people.

“The DJ2 team loves the creative vision DontNod and [publisher Focus Home Interactive] devote to all of their projects. The great relationship we’ve built with them since partnering on their incredible game, ‘Life is Strange,’ allowed us to get on board for ‘Vampyr’ well before its release. Like them, we’re excited to collaborate with our friends at Fox21, Wonderland, and the rest of the creative team we’re assembling.”


Vampyr (DontNod Entertainment) screenshot 05
This would really look cool on tv.

This isn’t the first vampire game adaptation. Castlevania is about to launch its second season on Netflix. Vampire game plots do have great potential as TV and movie adaptations due to their fresh take on vampirism. Even if it roots itself in urban legend, the stories develop much differently from what people are used to. Though Vampyr does have problems as a game, to see it on screen is interesting. Its gothic Victorian-era vibe matches its character authenticity. All things considered, the rights to the game have just been purchased. Hence, fans and intrigued enthusiasts must wait for the story to be plotted before jumping to conclusions.

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