Venom Sequel Moves Forward

The Symbiote Returns


This week Sony announced the sequel to Venom is moving ahead with one of the original’s co-writers, Kelly Marcel. The sequel finds Eddie Brock and his symbiote pal, Venom squaring off against the deranged serial killer, Cletus Kasady/Carnage.

The Curious Case of Venom’s Box Office Returns

Venom symbiote (Marvel and Sony Pictures)
Tom Hardy

Somehow, Venom made 855.6 million dollars at the box office. I just learned this fact and exclaimed “WHAT!” at my computer. The movie is, to put it lightly, a mess. Huge chunks of the plot feel ripped out of the film, Tom Hardy swings for the fences in a bizarre performance, and the climax of the film is an ugly CGI-fueled assault on the senses. However, most people described the movie as “fun.” Venom is a fan favorite character and finally seeing him realized relatively close to his comic book origins was enough to wash the taste of Spider-Man 3 out of people’s mouths. 

Of course, like any good comic book movie, Venom teased a follow-up. The sequel set-up came in the form of Eddie Brock scoring a once in a lifetime interview opportunity. The film’s post-credits scene finds Eddie driving to a remote prison and being led down corridors of criminals, much like Clarice Starling’s first encounter with Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs. At the end of the corridor, Eddie sits across his newest foe, Woody Harrelson in a horrendous red wig. The two exchange some cryptic dialogue, and Harrelson tells Eddie “there will be Carnage.” Now, Variety reports the Venom sequel is moving forward with one of the original’s scribes, Kelly Marcel.

Knock Knock Let The Devil In (Again)

The first Venom movie went through many iterations before it hit the big screen. The character is arguably as popular as Spider-Man, so a screen adaptation is a no-brainer. But, now that the first film is out of the way, the Sony machine can pump out sequels as much as they want. Most of the key actors are contracted for multiple films, and the reference material for the folks in post-production is in the can. Furthermore, the production is a bit of a fresh start. Given Venom’s previous script-to-screen struggles, the first film featured five credited screenwriters. Usually, many writers is a bad sign.

Of course, the film’s sequel could fall into the same traps as the original, but for now Kelly Marcel can do with the material what she will. Marcel doesn’t have very many credits to her name, but they’re all high profile project. She is credited on Fifty Shades of Grey and Saving Mr. Banks. According to IMDb, she is also penning the script for Disney’s Cruella. While the first film didn’t do much for this writer, it’s always nice to be optimistic about the future. So, here’s hoping the continued lobster crunching exploits of Eddie Brock expand the spider-like antihero in a positive way.


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