Rom-Com Venom Trailer Gets Mixed Reception

Venom - Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock (Marvel and Sony Pictures)


Rom-Com Venom 


Sony made it clear this month that they know the memes, jokes, and reputation for Venom; as they released the official trailer to mimic its rom-com status. With cheesy text and romantic music playing in the background, the tone of the trailer shows more self-referential humor akin to the marketing of a typical Deadpool trailer. 

With Venom raking in a huge take, it’s no surprise the film became the biggest money-maker for Sony this year. In fact, much of it is in part of the cult-film phenomenon that it became; while others have named it the worst movie of 2018.

 So far, Venom has earned more than $822 million at the worldwide box office, recently passing Warner Bros. and DC Films’ Wonder Woman to become the highest grossing superhero origin movie ever.

That success has seemingly earned Venom an obvious sequel and has kickstarted the Spider-Man villain universe that Sony has already planned through. This includes Kraven the Hunter and Silver Sable getting their own movies! 

Venom will be coming to DVD and Blu-ray Dec. 18 and Digital HD from Amazon Video and iTunes on Dec. 11.

Meta Movement

Both positions for and against the rom-com trailer make it clear that Sony has made it a marketing tactic. The tactic sends a message that “yes,” they know how much of a rom-com Venom ends up being.

However, many critics and fans have come to argue whether this self-aware humor by Sony was the right move. In fact, it may seemingly have new viewers be thrown off by the jarring tone from the first official trailer, and now this!

Strange how the meta and the internet allow companies to follow through with inside jokes and meme culture. What makes Venom an interesting example is that this is a movie considered a critical and certain financial failure.

The Good and The Bad of Venom’s Rom-Com Trailer 

But Venom became a sleeper hit. It has created its own fandom that revels in the film’s shortcomings, while others enjoyed it as a guilty pleasure. Seeing this, Sony spins the very tone that the movie set out to be. Sony has changed it into the rom-com people laughed at it for.

Looking at the good, it could be said that Venom is just celebrating its success through the rom-com status people believed it had achieved. Not to mention Sony is now another company willing to mock its own movies similar to the tone set by DC-based films like LEGO Batman or Teen Titans GO To The Movies!

Looking at the bad, it kind of feels like Sony is being ignorant of what they had set out to make and is covering it up. Almost like it meant to make a bad movie in the first place. And like any marketing, the Venom rom-com trailer set out to cater to the fans like sheep, even though they still agree that an R-rating for the next one is still a no-go! 

In short, Chris Compendio perfectly describes why the rom-com trailer kills the unintended humor of the movie via simile:

“Now, the big ol’ corporation is trying to get into the fun as well, and I’m not into that. It’s like when you explain a running joke between your friends to your parents, and they try to get in on it too.”

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