Vero App – Is it the Next Big Thing?

Vero – What Makes It Unique and Is It Worth It?

Vero is the new social media app that claims to be the new hot photo- and link-sharing app. Currently, it is still in its beta stage despite having been around for three years. It wasn’t until late February when it really started to make headlines after some major advertising by the company and people starting to become discontented with Instagram and Facebook. The app boasts three million downloads and one million registered users, though with Instagram’s 800 million and Facebook’s two billion, it still has some catching up to do if it wants to play with the big boys.

FEATURED - VeroSo what makes Vero different from other photo-based apps like Instagram? Well, actually quite a bit. For starters, Vero boasts a chronological feed. Two years ago, Instagram switched to a ranked feed leading to frustrations from their users. I myself have experienced the annoyance of looking at a specific post by someone only to have the feed refresh and losing the post as Instagram switches up the order of your feed yet again. It’s definitely a first world problem and by far not a reason why I would switch away from Instagram, but I get the appeal of a chronological feed.  However, it was recently announced that Instagram will be bringing back its linear algorithm, so Vero’s novelty might not be as long-lasting as they may have hoped.

Second, Vero can provide the security options that Instagram users can only dream of. For starters, you can group people into close friends, friends, acquaintances, and followers. You have complete control over who can see what. Say you went a little wild over spring break and only want your best friends to see pictures of your shenanigans but you don’t want your work friends to see. Not a problem! Just select the correct group and post away. Vero even gives you the ability to have three different avatars–one for your close friends, one for your normal friends, and one for your acquaintances. That’s a feature that Facebook doesn’t even have!

Perhaps the best feature of Vero is how easy it is to share quality posts. Vero offers six different categories to organize your posts by–camera, link, music, movie/TV, book, and place. They sound pretty self-explanatory but let’s delve into what the app offers with them.

 Vero - iPhone - Create Post

  • Camera – this one is simple. Like Instagram, you can take a photo or post from your phone’s gallery. Unfortunately, it seems that this may be the only way to post or repost memes. Isn’t that the reason we’re on social media these days anyway?
  • Links – Unlike Instagram where the only link you can share is in your bio, Vero allows you to post links to all your favorite web content as much as you want. A great alternative to screenshotting content, this may cut down on so much content not being attributed to artists. Plus, Vero grabs an image from the linked site as your preview image. Vero really helps cut down on half of the work.


  • Music – Let people know exactly what you’re listening to and whether you recommend or don’t. Vero’s extensive library lets you search for an exact song and will feature the album cover as the picture in your post. When your subscribers click on said post, they can listen to a thirty-second sneak peek. The app will send them directly to the iTunes store so they can listen along with you.
  • Movie/TV – Want to let your friends know what they should binge watch next weekend?  Just select the movie from Vero’s list and select watching, watched, wants to watch, recommend, or don’t recommend. Write what you think about the show or movie and you’re done. Since Vero chooses from the actual promo posters, your posts will all be pristine and professional.
  • Book – Similar to the music and movie/TV categories, Vero allows you to seamlessly post about your latest read. Decide between reading, want to read, recommend and don’t recommend.  Vero will choose the image from the book jacket of your desired literature and you’re done. Since Vero may not choose the right cover, you may want to still use the camera feature to post.
  • Place – With the location feature on your phone, let people know where you are this weekend and Vero will choose a photo from Foursquare, Bing, or your camera. Let your friends know if you are there currently, if you have been there, and if you recommend it.

Some people may prefer the ease of posting that Vero offers while others may feel limited in their creativity. I can see the appeal in it and like how you can group your posts by category to find them easier. Even better, you can organize what you see from others. Do you want to follow someone for their music recommendations but think they have terrible taste in movies? Just go into their profile and select what you want to see from them. I have never seen that in another app and would love to see social media giants like Facebook use that kind of feature.

I have to admit that I experienced some occasional lagging when using the Android app and since a lot of my favorite companies aren’t on it yet, I’m not as into it as I am with Instagram. The background is dark, but changes depending on what photo you are currently looking at it. It is not as inviting as the classic white background but that is not a deal breaker in the least. Some people might not like there only being those six different categories to choose from when posting, but maybe as the app grows they may add different categories for fashion, animals, food, etc.

Overall, I think that this is a great new app. Since it is still in its early stages, you might be deterred from the app because you might be the first of your friends on it or your favorite celebrity hasn’t graced it with their presence. Nevertheless, Facebook was started with just college students and now people boast about having some of the first accounts. Who knows where this app may be in the next few years? It may just be the next big thing.


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