VHS Movie Inspires Comic Book Cover Art

VHS is a found footage horror movie along the lines of Quarantine, REC, and the Blair Witch Project. The premise is paper-thin: a group of teenagers are paid to break into a house and steal a particular VHS tape. When they break into the house, they find a body, recording equipment, several monitors, and a ton of footage, each one depicting a scene more horrific than the last.

VHS is unique because it is an anthology movie along the lines of Creepshow and Tales from the Darkside. In the movie are 5 different short films made by the subgenre’s most promising young talent. That way, each of the various short films can be just long enough not to wear out its welcome and still be moderately scary.

The brilliantly simple premise also lends itself to comic books. Even before the movie is released, some comic book artists are chomping at the bit to make a comic book adaptation, such as renowned artist James Stokoe, who created this piece inspired by the movie.

VHS was well received at its Sundance Film Festival premiere in 2012. VHS is  currently OnDemand and in theaters October 6, 2012.

RT: 93 minutes |Rated: R

Advance press for VHS:

“The Scariest Film Of The Year” – Rolling Stone
“Best American Horror Film In Years”- Gawker

“GRADE A. SHEER VISCERAL ENERGY. A sharp rebuke to the laziness of the ‘found footage’ horror movie and the creepiest since the original ‘Paranormal Activity’” – Indiewire


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