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Victor Gischler takes over The Shadow press release

I would consider this as pretty big news with Victor Gischler going to Dynamite Comics to take over as writer for one of their more popular titles The Shadow. Gischler, who has been the lead writer for Marvel Comics on X-Men for the past two and a half years, will be picking up The Shadow with artist Jack Herbert at issue #7. The Shadow is already a big seller for Dynamite, but with this very talented and acclaimed writer on board who knows what the future will hold for The Shadow.





Here’s the official press release from Dynamite:


September 7th, 2012, Mt. Laurel, NJ – Dynamite is proud to announce that acclaimed and best-selling comics writer Victor Gischler will be joining Dynamite! Having been the lead writer on the X-Men for the last 2 and a-half years, we’re proud to have Victor as part of our team.  And Victor is not taking over just any title, but one of Dynamite’s Premiere titles – The Shadow!  Fresh from his acclaimed run on X-Men, Victor is one of the hottest writers in comics, as he also writing a Buffy the Vampire Slayer ‘Spike’ spin-off mini-series!  Joining Victor on The Shadow #7 is artist Jack (Kirby: Genesis) Herbert with covers by Alex Ross, John Cassaday, Darwyn Cooke, and Francesco Francavilla!!!  This is Darwyn Cooke’s first ever The Shadow cover!!! The foot is still heavy on the pedal after Garth Ennis’ acclaimed run on The Shadow concludes, so make sure to keep on picking up this must-read book as Victor joins The Shadow with issue #7 in October!
In The Shadow #7, The Shadow is known for the mystic power which allows him to cloud men’s minds and read their hearts.  But what happens when this power fails him?  After the Shadow fails to stop a routine mugging, he travels to the Far East with his pilot and sidekick WWI ace Miles Crofton.  In Nepal, he hopes to reconnect with his old masters and to consult with them about what could be amiss with his powers.  Instead, he finds opium smugglers.  As always, The Shadow faces danger … but he must also look within himself.
“The Shadow is a classic, iconic character that I’m thrilled to write,” says new The Shadow writer Victor Gischler!  “It’s really like you get two characters in one — The Shadow, an incredible crime fighter with the ability to cloud men’s minds, but also as a wealthy man about town named Lamont Cranston who is almost a James bond sort of character himself.  Action, romance, and intrigue in an amazing pulp package make The Shadow a must read.”
“Victor is a writer who we’ve wanted to work with for quite a bit, but weren’t able to due to his exclusivity to Marvel,” states Dynamite President Nick Barrucci.  “We’ve talked in the past, and are happy that we are able to work with him today.  We actually spoke with Garth before deciding who the next writer on The Shadow should be, and Garth was happy to hear that it was Victor, as he’s a fan of his novels and Punisher run.  We’re very fortunate at Dynamite to be working with Victor.”

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Well that’s the scoop from Dynamite Comics, these are the things that usually make a great book even better. Here are some pics from The Shadow # 7 for your viewing pleasure.

































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