Vikings Sets Season 4 Midseason Premiere

vikings-season-4-part-1-ragnarssonsThe midseason finale of Vikings threw us all for a loop when it suddenly time-jumped six years forward. Though it may feel like it’s been six years since we saw an episode of Vikings, it’s really only been five months. Nevertheless, the fact that we finally have a midseason premiere date after all that waiting should be cause for a massive celebration! Deadline reports that Vikings will return on November 30th at 9 pm.

What to Expect When Vikings Returns

Season four of Vikings is set to pick up after Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) lost the battle with his brother in Paris. Ragnar disappeared after the loss, but now, it’s six years later, and he’s returning to see his sons and take care of some unfinished business.

When Ragnar arrives in Kattegat, it’s a very different world from the one he left because it’s now a huge trading station, and Ragnar himself is a beaten and hated man, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Vikings creator Michael Hirst promises the season will be very emotional for both Ragnar and the audience, and he’s excited about finally merging Ragnar and King Ecbert’s (Linus Roache) storylines.

But the bulk of the midseason premiere – and possibly this whole half season – will deal with Ragnar’s sons.

“Ragnar, after his defeat, he just disappears,” Hirst told Variety. “They don’t know where he is and the sons are in a kind of vacuum because they don’t know he’s dead so no one can be king, so it creates an interesting dynamic.”

vikings-season-4-ragnarssonsRagnar’s sons are all grown up – with new actors in the roles – and they are not excited to see their dad again, having grown to resent him.

“It’s almost a new generation to Vikings. Vikings, staying true to the era, is young men becoming warriors,” Jordan Patrick Smith, who plays Ubbe, explained. “To watch four young guys get that jump start that [Ragnar] got, they’re pretty much starting from where he left off, and then you get to see them go even further. … You need other people to come in to keep the fighting and the life of Vikings alive, rather than having old men chopping each other down.”

Smith’s Ubbe is the oldest son, so he’s become father to his younger brothers in Ragnar’s absence. The actors who will play Ragnar’s sons say Sigurd is a teen rebel and Hvitserk is a quiet, relaxed warrior, but Ivar will be the fan favorite son because he’s “the most Viking” of the lot and “an absolute lunatic.”


Focusing on Ivar makes sense because Vikings is a historical show, and Hirst is trying to stick to that history as much as possible.

“It was Ragnar’s great and only fear that his sons would become more famous than he was,” Hirst said. “And I think that because Bjorn went into the Mediterranean, he’s famous around the Mediterranean. But the most famous Viking that I’ve come across is Ivar the Boneless. And so Ragnar’s fears became true that his sons did become more famous than he was. Because until we made him famous in the show, whoever knew about Ragnar Lothbrok?”

Will you be watching the 10 episode season 4 of Vikings  on  November 30, at 9 p.m. EST? Let us know in the comments below.

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