Viola Davis MAY Play Amanda Waller in Suicide Squad

viola-davis-oscars-2012They way casting has been going it looks like Suicide Squad may have all of its major players in place before the end of 2014. This seems like a real possibility after the report from Latino-Review came out speculating that Viola Davis may be ready to sign on for the role. According to the story the casting is contingent on the filming schedule of Davis’ ABC show How to Get Away with Murder. Though the IMDB page for the movie seems to think the casting is final.

Previously Ocatvia Butler’s and Oprah Winfrey’s names were being thrown around for Waller, Winfrey was probably a bit of wishful thinking.

Suicide Squad will not be the first time we’ve seen a live action Amanda Waller as she makes an appearance in Arrow and Green Lantern. However the casting of Davis does a couple of very interesting things:

1) It lays to rest which “version” of Waller we will see on the big screen. Prior to the New 52 Waller was a large woman; it seemed at time that artists were competing to make Waller as big and gender-less as possible. With the launch of the New 52 and possibly in response to criticisms like the one I just made Waller slimmed down significantly. Of course this caused a controversy of its own that leaves people debating the importance of a fictional woman’s size for better or worse. Casting Cynthia Addai-Robinson as Waller in Arrow seemed to have solidified the slim even model-like physique of the character going forward. Davis is somewhere in between. This may seem to be of no consequence to some but this removes the focus from the character’s size and places on when she does and her role in creating the Suicide Squad.


2) Davis is a member of Team Natural. For those of you that may not know what that means it means that Davis like myself and countless other women does not use chemicals to straighten her hair. Yes you have seen her with straight hair but more than likely she was wearing a wig. There is even a scene in How to Get Away with Murder where she removes her wig and makeup, it was powerful for the strength it took and the vulnerability it showed. Not to say that the scene should be repeated in Suicide Squad but I would love if the depict Waller as a woman with natural hair, it would mean so much to me and so many other women.


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