Vision By Chelsea Cain Canceled Before Launch


Marvel Cancels Vision Miniseries


Marvel has canceled Chelsea Cain’s six-issue Vision miniseries before it has even launched. Cain confirmed this with a tweet saying “I’m incredibly proud of the 4 issues we’ve turned in so far. It’s been 2 years of work. And reflects tremendous effort by an incredibly talented team. It kills me that we won’t get to share them…Forgive me, Viv.”

The Vision was going to be a limited series written by Cain and Marc Mohan with art by Aud Koch. The series would have followed Vision and his family after Tom King’s run. The series would have launched in November, but Marvel decided to pull the plug instead. 

Chelsea Cain
Chelsea Cain

Cain later wrote on Twitter, “.@Marvel asked me to keep this ‘clean and quiet’ because apparently, they’ve never met me. HI, GUYS, I’M THE ONE WHO’S THE PAIN IN THE ASS. REMEMBER ME NOW?”

Cain tweeted again, “I want you to know that I am being truthful and transparent because most comic book freelancers can’t be. I am loud, for all of them.”

Why Cancel The Vision?

It is unclear why Marvel decided to cancel the mini-series. An anonymous source told The Hollywood Reporter that Marvel canceled the book because of a “shift in long-term publishing plans” for characters in the series – specifically Vision and his daughter Viv. Viv has recently become an important member in the Champions series. 

Chelsea Cain’s History With Marvel

This is not Cain’s first time having a book canceled by Marvel. Cain previously worked on the critically-acclaimed Mockingbird which was nominated for two Eisner Awards. It became a post-cancellation best-seller on Amazon after Marvel canceled the series. The series only lasted for eight issues. 

What’s Next For Cain?

While it is unclear if Cain will have a new Marvel project coming soon, Image Comics is set to release her new monthly comic series called Man-Eaters with Mockingbird partner Kate Niemczyk, who will be doing the art. Man-Eaters launches on Wednesday, September 26.


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