Voice-Activated Banners To Put An End To Raging Game Streamers


Internet Company Fighting Against Raging Gamers


Let’s be honest, it is annoying when you come home from a long day of work, get situated with your dinner, potentially a drink, and jump on the couch for some destressing gameplay. Then it happens! A raging gamer starts cursing, whining and talking garbage. Causing your game of tension release to become the epitome of hell on earth.

Well, not in Belgium!

Voo, one of Belgium’s main telecom providers, is looking into using the world’s first real-time voice-activated banners. This can definitely go many different ways for Voo. In the beginning, many will not get the memo and right when the angry gamer spits off some rage a banner for “ultra-fast” internet service is on your screen.

Voo believes that most of these rage episodes are triggered by a slow connection. By programming an OBS plug-in to connect to a player’s microphone and use Microsoft Cognitive Service this will help to decipher keyword-based data generated by a human voice in real-time. For some players, they are lucky this ad is currently programmed to seek any possible keywords relating to “slow internet,” including a variety of swear words.

Will it affect others within the game?

When the “rage” is detected, the banner will pop up during live streams. Probably inducing more rage because who knows at what point you were just in the game. Nonetheless, this is compatible with both YouTube Live and Twitch. The internet company connected with 20 players who have over 100,000 subscribers each, then used the ads to promote their service, in hopes to mitigate the slowness for those concerned.

Voo doesn’t believe that this will be an advertising tactic they lean on often yet it is pretty ingenious. This could also cause many to stop raging. Because what is more upsetting a raging gamer or a banner that blocks your view in a game?


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