How Voice Biometrics is Making an Impact


New and innovative voice biometrics technologies have emerged, allowing companies to assist their customers in accessing information more quickly and efficiently — and in a more secure manner. Voice biometrics provide voice recognition and authentication, which is unique to each user, much like a fingerprint.

Today, voice authentication is becoming increasingly popular among companies for security purposes, especially since new technology has allowed for the continued rise of identity theft and data breaches across various industries. With that in mind, here are several ways businesses can benefit from voice biometrics platforms.

Identity and Financial Theft Protection

How Voice Biometrics is Making an Impact on Various IndustriesIt’s no secret keeping sensitive client or customer information safeguarded will help to ensure individuals’ identity or financial information isn’t compromised. Banks and other financial institutions are prime examples of entities that must adhere to these rules, while also allowing customers to have fast, easy access to their assets when necessary.

Knowing all this, the integration of voice biometrics would be a smart move for banks, because it would provide yet another layer of security in verifying the identity of customers beyond PINs. Ultimately, voice biometrics would allow for safer user authentication, as well as a better overall user experience due to shorter call times and quicker customer service assistance.

After the customer is authenticated, he or she can be routed to the right person without having to authenticate their identity multiple times. Institutions like Citibank have already begun to integrate voice biometrics technology into daily operations and acknowledge it has made banking faster and safer, while creating a better overall user experience.

The Customer Experience

Improving the overall customer experience should be a top priority for any business. In fact, companies that receive a high volume of calls and customer inquiries, including insurance carriers, would benefit from integrating voice biometrics into their call centers for safer and faster customer service.

To achieve this, many companies are employing call center software featuring voice biometrics for authentication purposes. This allows for customers to provide their identity for an added layer of security, while the system gathers their information and unique data.

Even better, by implementing voice biometrics technology, company cloud contact centers can deliver personalized service without having to employ any live support agents. Ultimately, this means customers will be able to inquire about services, check account information and make secure payments even after business hours.

Crime Surveillance

Another way voice biometrics is changing the way we live is by helping law enforcement and surveillance agencies better protect citizens and detect crime faster. With the help of facial, iris and fingerprint recognition, implementing voice biometrics will help law enforcement agents to identify criminals and more accurately track persons of interest.

In fact, voice biometrics is becoming increasingly popular in law enforcement agencies worldwide to increase security, prevent crime, and improve overall community safety. This type of technology can also be useful for military and homeland security to monitor known criminals and organized crime groups, as well as help with national and international security concerns.

Adaptive Technology is Making the World a Safer Place

Improvements to existing security processes will always be a must. To that end, banks and other financial institutions are hoping voice recognition will remove the need to remember passwords, codes and other pedantic forms of identification to create a safer and more seamless user experience.

Only time will tell whether this emerging technology will provide untold benefits. But for voice biometrics to become a cross-industry security standard, there will certainly be a need, as time marches on, to create more advanced and robust solutions.

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