Voltron # 5 Review

After reading Voltron # 5 I have to say, not bad, not bad at all. It had the feel and atmosphere that made the cartoon so popular when I was a kid. In the previous issues the Voltron Force recovered their lionbots from King Zarkon, all except Commander Keith Kogane that is. In this issue he must go through Zarkon himself to recover the black lionbot which is important because they can’t form Voltron without it.

The battle is short lived as Keith and Zarkon battle it out, all the while the spirit of Sigis urging them both to cease this pointless fight because it’s a stalemate. Finally Zarkon succumbs and allows Commander Kogane to reclaim his Lion and join up with the rest of the Voltron Force who are anxiously awaiting his arrival. At this point in the book I as the reader was anxious as well because let’s face it,  why are you reading a Voltron comic? That’s right, to see Voltron kick some ass.

Meanwhile the other four members of the Voltron Force are in their lionbots helping to defend Earth’s blockade against Zarkon’s son Lotor and his invasion squads as they attempt to destroy Earth. Then from out of nowhere Commander Keith arrives in his black lionbot and after a short briefing of the situation they proceed to form Voltron to help even the odds and protect the Earth from certain doom.
Another thing that crossed my mind while I was reading this is that this whole Voltron thing has been done years after the original cartoon aired, it was called Power Rangers. Sorry can’t help comparing the two at this point either though Voltron I think was created for a more mature audience.Activate interlock, dynotherms connected, infracells up, megathrusters are go, not sure what all that means but it sure sounds cool.Form feet and legs, form arms and body, and I’ll form the head, let’s go Voltron force. I don’t know why, maybe it’s some silly childhood nostalgia but hearing or in this case reading and seeing them form Voltron still gets my adrenaline pumping.

Ok, back to the story at hand. Now Voltron is formed and ready for battle, meanwhile Zarkon is sending a transmission to his son Lotor commanding him to retreat to their home planet of Doom. You will just have to pick up this comic to find out what happens next.

All in all I found this to be a decently written and well drawn comic, as long as you come into it knowing what Voltron is about then you should like this title as well. The writers at Dynamite entertainment have done their homework because they seemed to have hit on the tone that made this a popular and well received series and eventually a pretty cool toy line. I am very interested to see where the writers will take this story and look forward to reading more on this series as it definately has potential.

 Voltron was written by: Brandon Thomas / illustrated by: Ariel Padilla / colored by: Marcelo Pinto

lettered by: Marshall Dillon / covers by: Alex Ross and Sean Chen


About the author

Mike Turner II

Mike is a construction foreman by day but at night he is either working on his art or writing for Word of the Nerd. In between he is running around Gotham wreaking havok in Arkham city or adding to his extensive comic and figure collection. Mike is a hardcore Star Wars fan who often recites lines from the movies in relation to events of everyday life and knows the Sith code as he is a dedicated fan of Star Wars novels especially when they are about Sithlords. One of Mikes philosophies is that if you aren't learning something new everyday then you're doing something wrong.

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