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Hi, Bryan the Nerd here.  So how many of you watched the Oscars last night hoping to see Andrew Garfield induct a new superhero into the hero community?  I watched the entire telecast hoping to see just who was being inducted.  From 7pm until after midnight I watched one of the most boring and pointless broadcasts in television history only to be let down.  Andrew Garfield was apparently a no-show and the induction that was highly pushed on radio and TV promos all day Sunday did not happen.  It didn’t happen and there was no explanation, no apology from The Academy, nothing.  There was a rather pitiful tribute to movie heroes introduced by Chris Evans who we can only assume was filling in for Garfield.  Like the rest of the Oscars telecast, their tribute to movie heroes was boring and pointless.  I personally sat up until way after 1am trying to find details to Garfield’s absence or news about the induction segment that never happened.  I could find nothing but angry comments on various websites from people who were just as baffled and irritated as I.  Seriously, I could have watched The Walking Dead and re-runs of Shameless and been way more entertained than I was from ABCs lackluster presentation of the Oscars.  As of this morning there is still no word, no news story that I could find to even acknowledge what happened, much less explain it.  Personally I am angry that I wasted over four hours of my time last night watching something that I really could care less about.  I guess it was skillfully placed false advertising by The Academy and ABC in order to boost ratings…getting poor saps like me to watch their outdated and irrelevant awards show.

We had already picked this wallpaper for today, but after last night’s debacle I thought it was rather fitting to show two of Marvel Comics’ titans battling it out.  It’s no secret that there is no love lost between Hulk and The Thing.  They have clashed many times over the years and it is always guaranteed to be epic not to mention destructive whenever these two meet.  You would think that being heroes they would find a way to settle their differences and get along.  Even being on the same team (Avengers) you would think they could put aside their dislike for the common good.  But these two guys simply don’t like each other and we as fans are always excited whenever they come to blows.  Thanks to Wallpaper Abyss for providing today’s wallpaper. 



Hulk vs. The Thing wallpaper



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