WandaVision Debut Proves This Is the Series Fans Deserve

WandaVision © Disney/Marvel


A Nostalgic Experience Full of Intrigue Can Be Found in WandaVision


The first two episodes of WandaVision have officially dropped, and they’re already proving to be better than the fans could ever have hoped for. This is saying something, as I’m certain that I’m not the only fan with high expectations here.

WandaVision promo poster © Disney/Marvel
WandaVision promo poster
© Disney/Marvel

WandaVision follows beloved Marvel characters Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff) and Vision. If you’ve seen the most recent Avengers movies (and the odds are good on that count, if you’re reading this article) that’s going to raise some questions. Namely, questions surrounding Vision’s presence. It’s one of the many, many reasons why fans have SO been looking forward to the series. We all know that Marvel will likely pull some details from the comics. What we don’t know is how much they’ll pull, or how they’re going to apply it.

First Reactions

The first reactions to WandaVision have been outstandingly positive. On Rotten Tomatoes it’s currently sitting happily at 97%, a score that I, personally, very much agree with. The show has already earned its acclaim.

Better yet, it’s left us a mystery to solve. What is happening in this neighborhood/show? Odds are good that for every fan you ask, you’ll find yourself facing a new theory. For example, there are currently three dominant theories in my household—and none of us are going to concede until we get more evidence. By which we mean to say: episode three cannot get here soon enough.

The truth of the matter is, WandaVision episodes one and two are pure perfection. They’ve nailed the personality traits of two beloved characters, while also portraying specific eras of TV with an alarming degree of accuracy.

Fans of I Love Lucy, The Dick Van Dyke Show, I Dream of Jeannie, and Bewitched were positively tickled by all of the details and hints strewn about the episodes. It was both delightful and horrifying to see how well these themes wove together with the narrative surrounding Wanda’s powers—and what has happened.

A Deeper Meaning

Okay, time to lay the cards out on the table. We all know that there are dozens of Easter eggs to be found in any comic production, more often than not. WandaVision is no exception. In this case, there are a few key details that fans are looking for.

Most important in our minds are any connections to the House of M plot arc—which many fans are convinced is the core influence for the series. This would explain so much about what is happening, while also giving Marvel an excuse to bring certain characters (hint: mutants) into the MCU.

In regards to that, there are a few key scenes that fans are already picking over, such as the wine used in the first episode. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the brand on the bottle is “Maison du Mépris”, with the “M” boasting a rather familiar design.

“Maison du Mépris”, of course, translates to “House of Misery”. Full stop. Go back, read that one again. While there’s a chance that this is nothing more than a hat-tip, given everything else that has happened so far, this feels like a major revelation.

The Relevance of SWORD

That isn’t the only revelation worth picking upon. The truth of the matter is that WandaVision is full to the brim of fascinating references, be they hinting towards iconic shows they’re borrowing from (Bewitched, I Love Lucy, etc.), or hints from the MCU and comics.

The fact that SWORD is very clearly monitoring the situation feels like a major deal. Especially so, once it’s noted that SWORD has a different task in the MCU. In the comics, their larger concern was extraterrestrial threats. However, in the MCU SWORD stands for Sentient Weapon Observation and Response Division.

Think about that one for a minute. This heavily implies that they’re watching Wanda for a very specific reason – her power levels and potential threat. Based on their actions (and commentary) so far, it does feel like they’re trying to rescue Wanda. However, there’s no real guarantee on that front.

Key Figures

We could spend all day picking over all of the eager eggs found in just the first two episodes of WandaVision. But instead, let’s focus on two key players that have been already introduced. First, there’s Agnes – the overly cheerful and helpful neighbor.

There is very good reason to speculate that she is actually Agatha Harkness, a powerful witch in her own right. One who has a very complicated history in Marvel Comics—and strong connections to Scarlet Witch herself.

The next detail is a little bit of a spoiler, so look away now if you’re inclined to do so. We already know, thanks to casting announcements, that Monica Rambeau is somewhere in the series. In fact, we’ve already met her. It just happens that she hasn’t given her real name, likely thanks to the heavy magic working that is controlling everyone. This would help to explain why she paused when introducing herself. Now, can you guess who she is?

Fun Speculations

It’s so tempting (and quite easy) to go down the speculation rabbit hole in regard to WandaVision. There are so many variations on what could be happening, and plenty of debates to be had in that regard.

So, with that in mind: what are your personal theories about what is happening? And how do you think the series will connect to Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness?

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