WandaVision’s First Trailer Just Released



The Wait for WandaVision Closes, as the Trailer Drops


The odds are pretty good that you’ve heard the news by now. WandaVision has finally released the first trailer ā€“ and fans are rightly looking forward to the series more than ever.


Last night, Marvel Studios revealed the first trailer to WandaVision. This series has been highly anticipated from the start, due at least in part to the beloved (and now absent) leading characters.

Based on the characters, and the small description leaks that have popped up here and there, fans already knew that the series was going to be delightfully strange. Again, this is Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch) and Vision we’re talking about, so a bit of strange is to be expected.

The trailer confirms that suspicion and takes it even further. Everything about this trailer gives the appearance of twisted reality. One born from Wanda’s desperate play to hold onto the man she loves.


How It Came To Be

Both Wanda and Vision were introduced during the Avengers: Age of Ultron. Wanda was originally working for Ultron but turned sides when she realized his true intentions. Meanwhile, Vision was birthed from a combination of tech and Infinity Stones, to create the hero we all know him as (a slight alteration to his birthing in the comics).

From that moment on, their love story seemed inevitable. Especially for those fans that read the comics, and knew their relationship to be canon. Still, it was a series of subtle moments, until suddenly fans saw the two deeply in love.

Their love made the events of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame all the more devastating. Scarlet Witch survived the ordeal, but the same cannot be said for her love, Vision. That leads us to WandaVision, a series set after all of these dark events.

The very fact that Vision is included in the title gave away a lot, right from the start. It made it clear that Wanda was going to try and use her powers to bring him back. Now, thanks to the trailer, fans have an idea of how that worked out for her.


Unfortunately, the trailer did not come with a release date for the series. Other than to indicate that it’s coming soon, that is. The show will be launching on DisneyPlus, as promised so long ago.

This announcement makes one of two big reveals within the last week, as She-Hulk finally cast it’s leading lady. It suddenly seems like all of the Marvel shows scheduled for DisneyPlus are making progress, and we’re all sorts of here for that.

Stay tuned to Word of the Nerd for more updates and details, as they come out.


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