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What Do You Want for Chrismukkah, Rachel? Clothes and Teas Edition

For the first part of this very important holiday gift guide, I’ve combined some of my picks into fandoms.  There are clothing picks, jewelry picks, and tea picks!  The three most important things to receive during the holiday season.

But Rachel, you might say.  What about good will and holiday cheer?

Can you wear either of those things?  You can’t.  I win this round, hypotheticals.

A quick note: I prefer smaller companies to places like teefury and welovefine.  Not that  I have any issues with those sites, but the websites I like more have clothes oriented towards a female figure.  Call me biased.  I like my dresses, is all.

Anyway, let’s get shopping!

For the Sailor Moon Fan:

Clothes Pick: The Sailor Scouts collection from Living Dead Clothing

This Australian company makes high-quality spandex dresses.  The spandex is screened with the Sailor Scout pattern to make super comfortable, easy to wear dresses.

My Favorite: Super Sailor Moon (Limited Edition)

What Do You Want for Chrismukkah

Jewelry Pick: KumaCrafts

This might be a little biased since it’s my personal mission to own everything Kuma makes, but you cannot find better quality Sailor Moon jewelry.  It’s all laser-cut acrylic with Swarovski crystals.  Unlike other Sailor Moon pieces, Kuma’s pendants are large, so it really gives the effect of wearing a magical brooch and not just a charm.  Order quickly, though, as her items sell out fast!

My Favorite: Sailor V Compact

What Do You Want for Chrismukkah

Tea Pick: Sailor Moon by Cara McGee

This won’t be McGee’s only time on the list, but this time, we’re talking about her Sailor Moon teas.  They’re simple, sweet blends with adorable labels.  If you like cream teas, order a couple from this collection.  And if you can, order teas that are in a ship (like the Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask blends) to get 10% off on both pouches of tea!

My Favorite: Jupiter

What Do You Want for Chrismukkah

For The Teen Wolf Fan:

Clothes Pick: Curly Fries Lacrosse Merchandise

As we all know, the most important part of Teen Wolf is lacrosse.  Or, it kind of was in Seasons 1 and 2, and then it wasn’t, and then it was again.  The point is, if you want a varsity-style hoodie without actually having to do any sports, these hoodies are a really awesome pick.  People will see the little logo and say “Oh, you play lacrosse?” And then you can laugh smugly to yourself.  Which is what fandom apparel is all about, really.

My Favorite: McCall Hoodie in Burgundy

What Do You Want for Chrismukkah

Jewelry Pick: Charm Bracelets

Etsy is home to a lot of great stuff, and will pop up other times on this list.  For this part, I looked at some really great Teen Wolf inspired charm bracelets, which I will link below.

By AlohaBlueDolphin

By PhoenixEchoCreations

By UnderlandCreations13

My Favorite: Black and Red Beaded Teen Wolf Charm Bracelet

What Do You Want for Chrismukkah

Tea Pick: The Teen Wolf Collection by Meg Daunting

With a variety of blends and beautiful tin art, the Teen Wolf collection has a blend for pretty much everyone.  Unless you know someone who doesn’t drink tea, in which case, you should sever ties immediately.

My Favorite: Sugar Puppy Blend

What Do You Want for Chrismukkah

For the Fan of Superheroes + Comics or Whatever

Clothes Pick: Retro Dynamite

Retro Dynamite offers cute baby-doll style dresses in a variety of fandoms.  I first came across this creator at Boston Comic Con, and I will tell you that her Batman: In Color dresses sell super quickly!  And if you don’t see your particular favorite on the site, she does custom options.

My Favorite: Wonder Woman Red Babydoll Dress

What Do You Want for Chrismukkah

Jewelry Pick: Moonfire Charms

Moonfire makes all kinds of fandom-related pieces, but their Marvel jewelry really stands out.  They offer a variety of rings and pendants, from Spider-Man to Loki’s Helmet.

My Favorite: Magneto’s Helmet Necklace

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 2.11.47 PM

Tea Pick: Hero Recovery by Cara McGee

The Captain America blend tastes like apple pie.  Enough said.

My Favorite: Sharp Shooter

What Do You Want for Chrismukkah

Now, you might be saying: But Rachel, I’m not really a dresses or jewelry person.  Don’t you have something more substantial to offer?

I’m glad you asked!  Tune in soon for my RPG and Board Game picks.  Warning: I go hard.

Happy Chrismukkah, friends!

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