Warner Bros. Gets Justice League Movie Plans in Motion

Justice League… ASSEMBLE!

(Or at least, start getting ready for a summer blockbuster some time in the next three to five years… or however long these things take.)

According to Variety, Warner Bros. has hired Will Beall to write a Justice League script. And, chances are, you have absolutely no idea who that is. (And neither did I). But a quick gander at his IMDb resume indicates that he’s penning the Logan’s Run reboot and Lethal Weapon 5, and he’s been executive story editor for the Castle TV show.

This piece of news may seem like it’s Warner’s reaction to the Avengers zeitgeist that’s currently breaking box office records, but Variety claims that the studio hired Beall for Justice League while Avengers was being filmed.

No one from Warner Bros. would speak to Variety about the news, so it’s waaaay too early to know more details.

But of COURSE people will speculate.

We at Word of the Nerd have already done quite a bit of that ourselves in our DC Confidential podcasts.

Our passionate discussions have included:

  • Who should play the characters. (And Lord, PLEASE don’t have them cast Bradley Cooper as Barry Allen or Hal Jordan);
  • How Warner Bros. should approach movies about the individual Justice League members, like any films starring Wonder Woman or the Flash;
  • What villain should be used in the movie, and what a problem it would be to use Darkseid for Justice League if the Avengers sequel has Thanos as a villain (because Thanos and Darkseid look almost EXACTLY alike);
  • Who should direct a Justice League movie; and
  • What tone the movie should be: family-friendly to bring in all ages viewers (and thus, potentially boatloads more cash) or darker and more adult-oriented.

And I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve wondered the same things whenever the whole Avengers vs. Justice League box office battle has played out in your head. (I just hope none of those thoughts involved Bradley Cooper).

But anyway, any Justice League movie developments are sure to get TONS of media coverage, so you won’t have to wonder too much longer. They’ve already got a guy to start writing the damn thing.

About the author

Hilton Collins

Loves all things science fiction and fantasy, and if he had to choose between video games, comic books, movies, TV shows and novels, he’d have a brain aneurysm. Check out his blog at Twitter: @HiltonCollins

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