Should Warner Bros. let Kevin Smith direct a DC Comics film?


The quick answer is yes Warner Brothers should let Kevin Smith direct a DC movie in the future, now the longer answer is why should they? I can see why some higher ups in Warner Bros could be hesitant to let Smith take control of a potential “billion dollar” property. He does not have the greatest box office track record and his style does not lend to big budget action movies, but this may be exactly why Smith would be perfect for a DC movie!

Fatman on Batman:

Kevin Smith and Grant Gustin on set of The Flash
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With three movies under Warner Brother’s belt in the DC movie universe (Man of Steel, Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad) and a more on the way it may be time for them to start thinking ahead once they get all of their “big hero” movies out of the way. After Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Superman and Aquaman have all run there courses DC is going to have to bring in some more obscure characters to fill out the Universe. You could make the case that DC did this off the bat with Suicide Squad but they are going to have to do more solo movies (much like marvels Ant-Man, Black Panther and Doctor Strange). This is where Kevin Smith comes in.

With these lesser known characters you are going to need someone at the helm of these films that knows their history and has a genuine love for the characters. Most people know Kevin Smith is a comic book fanatic (the guy opened up his own comic shop for goodness sake). I know some people have a genuine dis like for Kevin Smith’s movies (which is fine everyone is entitled to an opinion) and they have never been box office giants but his style of directing and love for the comic book genre would set a DC movie apart from any other comic book movie coming out. Smith already brings a wealth of directing experience to the table and has the added incentive of being a comic fanatic. He will also bring heart and fun into the DC cinematic universe which has been a complaint among fans about the current crop of movies.

Smith has recently directed an episode of the CW Flash TV series and is currently directing an episode of Supergirl so he already has his toes in the DC pool. Give him something like Blue Beetle or Booster Gold movie and I think he would shin.  He has the chops to bring those “goofier” characters to the big screen and make them into house hold names. With movies like Chasing Amy, Dogma, Clerks etc.… Smith does a great job of combining drama , comedy, and “higher” (see what I did there) subject matter with each other. Throw a little action in and you have a great recipe for a super hero movie. With the success of Deadpool Warner Brothers may even contemplate going R rated with one of the DC movies and obviously Smith would be the perfect fit for this as his is known for his more “unique” dialogue in his features, but it does not have to be a R movie for Smith to take the helm. He has shown multiple times the he can still be a great director without the “raunchy” tone or dialogue.

Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith, Walt Flanagan, Ming Chen, Bryan Johnson and Mike Zapcic from AMC’s Comic Book Men

With a lesser known character DC and Warner Bros. are going to want as much press as possible and what better way than to announce Kevin Smith as the director? It will immediately have everyone talking and the internet will be a buzz with everyone’s positive and negative opinions. Smith will generate a lot of news around any big feature he is attached to. If Warner Brothers wants to go bold then I suggest not a lesser known character but let’s let Smith direct the Harley Quinn solo movie! This is obviously a no brainer, Smith is a known Batman fanatic and loves Harley Quinn (see naming his daughter after her or having a podcast dedicated to only talking about Batman). Kevin Smith is going to be someone that brings that character to the next level.  With his love for batman and comics in general he will give depth and insight to that character that no one else will. 

Harley Quinn is already a breakout star just from the comics alone (or really her first appearance in Batman The Animated Series) and has grown to Dead Pool like stardom. Seriously you cannot go to a con without seeing a million Harley Quinn cos players, heck I was at Wal-Mart in my small town before Halloween and saw two people dressed as her. My point is the Harley Quinn movie is probably going to make money no matter if it is good or bad. Smith can create an even greater buzz around his move and is also versatile enough to handle a PG-13 or R rating. Throw in a Batman cameo (with Smith directing and Affleck cameoing as Batman in it heck we might even get Matt Damon to show up) and this would be a hit. Smith would bring a knowledge and caring for that character that I do not think any other director could and would do her justice to her fans.


Whether you like Kevin Smith or not is a topic for a different time, but you cannot not deny that he has a knack for directing and knows his super heroes. Smith has a great outlook on life that is inspiring, he wanted to direct movies and went out and did it, he has a drive for success that not many people have. I see a lot of people over looking that when talking about Kevin Smith. He really put it all on the line to do what he loves and he continues to do that to this day and that drive and love has brought him success. When you have someone like Kevin Smith that has a genuine love for directing and comics it is going to be hard to go wrong. You know if given the chance with a big budget super hero movie he is going to do his best to make it great! I think with an obscure character like Blue Beetle or Booster Gold or a genuine A -lister like Harley Quinn Smith will shine as a director. Kevin Smith would give Warner Brothers and the DC movie universe something different that no other studio will have at its disposal. Bringing a different style and vision to the DC cinematic universe Smith would be a perfect fit directing any property DC/Warner Brothers threw at him!

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