Warning Battlefield 1 Fans: DLC Incoming!


Electronic Arts is getting ready to unload on Battlefield 1 players with its first DLC bomb. Scheduled to drop March 2017, the downloadable content package aptly named They Shall Not Pass has a whole lot going on for it. Ranging from maps to vehicles, a game mode, and new vehicles, it has a ton to offer.


Battlefield 1 Verdun Map
This just looks super intense…and awesome.


  • 4 new maps to duke it out on including Verdun Heights, Fort Vaux, Soissons, and Rupture. These new areas set up battles in forts, the French countryside and even during a forest fire.

  • A new game mode called “Frontlines” offers a pumped up version of capture the flag. Once one team manages to pick up the enemy’s flag, they push towards the next point, further past the borders into opposition territory. Eventually, this leads to an assault on an HQ which then turns the tides of war into an immediate need to either attack or defend telegraph posts. For those of you looking for a nice, long battle with a lot of potential for back-and-forth intensity, this sounds like it’s going to be for you.

  • Introducing to the battlefield, the French Army! Only makes sense, right?

  • Looking for a new ride? How about a tank? The Char 2c is just the thing for you! Looking for the “most heavily armed allied tank of the war”? Then you’ll want the keys to an Assault Tank Gun.

  • Another class joins the ranks and assist on all of your Battlefield endeavors; the Trench Raider Elite Class.

  • A new stationary weapon to wreak havoc on your enemies; the Siege Howitzer.

Battlefield 1 Tank Time
Who wants to go on a ride in Big Bertha, here?


There’s no official exact date for the DLC drop, however, season pass holders can expect to see all of these nifty features 2 weeks earlier than those who don’t. No price tag has been slapped on the DLC either but most seem to be speculating roughly $15. Battlefield 1 fans, ready yourselves for some new tactical mayhem!

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