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We Can Be Heroes: DC Raises The Ante Against Hunger

We Can Be Heroes
We Can Be Heroes


If you are a fan of comics, and of DC Comics specifically, you might have heard of Jim Lee and the We Can Be Heroes project. Do you remember X-Men #1 circa 1991? That comic book, drawn by Mr. Lee, remains the best selling single issue of all time. Do you remember Image Comics? The upstart publishing company founded in 1992 by seven artists who left marvel comics to retain more control over their work. Mr. Lee was one of those artists. Now the Co-Publisher of DC Comics, Lee’s popularity may be at it’s zenith, but that hasn’t stopped him from giving something back.


X-Men #1 Cover by Jim Lee
X-Men #1 Cover by Jim Lee


DC Comics, it’s heroes, creators, and fans have been fighting a real-life battle. This fight isn’t against a supervillain, but against a much worse foe…HUNGER. DC Comics is raising money through a project they call We Can Be Heroes. This crowd funding effort, hosted by Indiegogo is raising money to fight hunger and bring hope to the men, women and children in the Horn of Africa. DC Comics has offered plenty of incentives to get people to donate what they can afford. For a donation of just $10, you can get five Superman Family digital comics, and the incentives increase as your donation does. For $40, you get a signed copy of Batman/Superman #1, which releases on June 26th, and brings you the first meeting of Batman and Superman in the New 52 Universe.


Batman/Superman #1, Cover by Jae Lee


A $200 donation to We Can Be Heroes gets you a sneak peek into the next video game sensation, Infinite Crisis. This VIP Pack includes the Infinite Crisis hoodie, jersey, mouse pad, Turtle Beach Gaming Headset, Infinite Crisis comic signed by writer Geoff Johns and of course a Beta Key. Oh, that’s not enough for you? Well here’s where DC Artist and Co-Publisher Jim Lee comes in. For the low price of $25,000 the man himself will come to one lucky person’s home to create a piece of incredible art in your house or business! This is an original piece of art by one of best-known artists of our time.


Jim Lee Will Paint For YOU
Jim Lee Will Paint For YOU!


Obviously, DC Comics appreciates any help they can get in this fight. Their original effort, earlier this year, raised over $150,000 in just over a month. The current program, which ends in just under two weeks, on July 8th, has raised just over $54,000 of their $100,000 goal. You can support We Can Be Heroes today, by clicking here. Sure, you’ll get a little reward from DC Comics and it’s creators, if you donate, but that’s not why you should do it. You should do it because you want to help people who really need it. That small donation, of whatever you can afford, makes you as much a hero as Batman, Superman, or Wonder Woman.

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John Kowalski

John is a veteran of the United States Air Force. He is currently a retail manager in a company who shall remain nameless. He is the father of three awesome children, despite his parenting. He has loved comics, books, television, movies, and gaming for as long as he can remember, and uses any excuse to escape into worlds of fantasy and intrigue. His Dad called his room the Bat Cave when he was growing up and had no idea of the significance.

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