WEBTOON Announces Five New Series

WEBTOON Announces Five New Series to the Platform


WEBTOON just launched five new series in March. To make the news even more exciting, all five series are coming from Discover.


WEBTOON is an extremely popular comic app. They’re best known for their global reach and their extremely generous – and free – platform. The site actively encourages indie authors and artists to try sharing their works, making it the ideal platform for budding comic creators.

Unlucky is as Lucky Does

The first of the new series is Unlucky is as Lucky Does. This series was a finalist during the 2018 Discover Creator Contest, so understandably fans are pretty excited about this one. M. Nires is running the series and is about a seven-year-old princess and her series of seriously unlucky events. Best of luck to her bodyguards! The series is set to update every Wednesday and Saturday, so add it to your calendars.


Axed is the second series on the new lineup. The series is run by Shren Patel and Emi MG. Together they bring us a world where all Axelia wants to do is hunt monsters. And who can blame her for that? She’s good at it. Unfortunately, there’s currently a peace between humans and monsters…so she’s sort of out of the job. Watch out on Wednesdays and Sundays for updates.


The third new series on the lineup is Muted. The series was created by Miranda Mundt, and is about Camille Severin. She’s a young woman trying to follow in her family’s footsteps, only she sort of does a very important ritual wrong…and the revelation threatens her family ties. Muted updates every Friday.

Cape of Spirits

Cape of Spirits is the fourth new series coming to WEBTOON. Written and illustrated by Kristina N. and Elie Byun, the follows Jinsei Kimura. Jinsei is a fugitive who once had a shot at the throne. Now he’s lost everything dear to him and is on a mission to clear his name. Naturally, this is not going to be an easy task for the young hero/fugitive. Check in on Wednesdays for new updates!

Matchmaker Hero

The last new series coming to WEBTOON is called Matchmaker Hero. Madeline Ince is the writer and author behind the series. Richie is about to go on the most unique date ever. It’ll start out awkward and quickly run into insane levels. Thankfully that leaves plenty of room for the plot in this series! Matchmaker Hero updates on Mondays.

Enjoy WEBTOON on the go, download the app!
Enjoy WEBTOON on the go, download the app!

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