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Camp Camp

“Camp Camp tells the story of Max, a jaded ten year old, who finds himself stuck at a dysfunctional summer camp run by a shady business mogul who is looking to turn a profit any way he can. The cynical Max will have to survive annoyingly cheerful counselor David, the weird cast of campers, and bizarre surprises at every turn before he can escape for home.”
Seasons: 4
Provider: Rooster Teeth

Are you looking for a new series to binge while stuck at home? Check out Camp Camp, the camp that is full of camps, chaos, and shockingly hilarious characters.


Camp Camp: The Diverting Series We Need Right Now

If you’re a fan of Rooster Teeth (the group behind Red vs. Blue and gen:LOCK), then the odds are good that you’ve heard about Camp Camp. If not, then I might be about to blow your mind. Sorry (not sorry) about that. So, if you’re looking for a new series to binge, read on!

Camp Camp is one of Rooster Teeth’s animated series, and it is, without a doubt, the diversion we need at this time. That sounds high and lofty, I know. But trust me. I binged all four seasons of this show in less than three days, and I don’t regret it one bit. Okay, I have one regret, and that’s because I’ve joined the ranks of those waiting for season five.

What It’s About

Rooster Teeth- Camp Camp - poster
Rooster Teeth – Camp Camp

As you might have guessed from the title, Camp Camp is about, well, a camp. But it’s no ordinary camp. Far from it. Where most camps focus on one theme (space camp, band camp, what-have-you), this camp does it all.

Hence the name. It may sound like a brilliant (or crazy) idea, but it comes at a cost. Or several, depending on how you look at it. And who you are. For example, one camper, in particular, has some…harsh…opinions on the matter.

Max is the leading character, and he is by far the most jaded ten-year-old you will ever find. But his sass, sarcasm, and sometimes blunt manner make the show all the more charming (and entertaining). Especially when he is balanced out by the ever-cheerful camp counselor known as David.

Max, David, and the rest of the quirky campers at this strange camp get into all sorts of crazy adventures, from fighting with the opposing camps to hunting for a new mascot (and more; so, so much more).

Side note: Camp Camp is available for Rooster Teeth First members. That being said, there is a free trial you can use to binge the series.

To Binge or Not to Binge?

With any new series (especially on any streaming service), there’s always that debate. Should I binge it all at once, or savor it? Usually, the answer is to binge. Camp Camp certainly fell into that category for me.

Granted, the short episode format makes it easy to blow through the entire series in a blink of an eye. Most episodes are shorter than 15 minutes, making them perfectly bite-sized. What is refreshing about the shorter format is the fact that they let the plot decide the time, not the other way around. These episode run for exactly the length needed to tell a specific story, and not a minute more.

Personally, I found it nearly impossible to walk away from this series once it started. More accurately, it was the beginning of the second episode that told me that I was going to love the series. From there I basically settled in and decided I was in for the long haul (and yes, I did drag the rest of my household along for the ride).

Final Thoughts

Camp Camp was simultaneously everything and nothing like what I expected. It was crass, hilarious, and an ideal escape from the world. Sometimes, that’s all you need in a series, especially in a time like this. But Camp Camp took it further, throwing in surprise developments, shocking revelations, and intense moments of character development. It took the series to a new height, bringing it from being a series worth escaping into, and instead, turning it into a series worth re-watching. And worth following for the next season.

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