Weekly Binge: I Am Not Okay With This (Netflix)


Diving Into a New Series: I Am Not Okay With This

One of the (admittedly few) bright sides of being stuck inside so much is the opportunity to explore new shows or get caught up on ones you’ve been meaning to watch. This week, I decided that it was time to watch a newer series to Netflix: I Am Not Okay With This.

To be clear, that’s the name of the show, not my opinion on it. I actually found the series to be fascinating, and quickly wished that there had been more of it. But more on that later.

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I Am Not Okay With This is based on a graphic novel written and illustrated by Charles Sanford Forsman. It follows teenage Sydney as she finds her way through the world—while coming to terms with the loss of her father, and the sudden gain of powers she can hardly control.

Not Your Typical Teenager

The series, as I mentioned above, follows Sydney, a girl who is going through some shit, to put it kindly. It’s heartbreaking at times to see her journey, yet empowering at other times. This is the story of a teenage girl with far too much on her plate, and almost no resources to help her cope with it all.

There was something so painfully human about her portrayal, something which Sophia Lillis brought to life through her acting. The blending of real-world problems (the loss of one’s parent, coming to terms with one’s sexuality) and the surreal (her powers coming at arguably the worst time in her life) made for some intense moments. It also allowed for an odd sense of comic relief, at times, all while giving the series a chance to express the absurdity and pain of her situation.

It was easy to get into this series, and by the end, I really did finding myself wishing that there was more—hoping that a second season would be announced at any moment. Granted, this series is only seven episodes so far, so that feeling was probably a given.

The humor and storytelling style shown in I Am Not Okay With This is unparalleled. It was an emotionally tense watch, of course. But it had these bright highlights, something that made the series iconic and memorable.

Worth It?

I Am Not Okay With This is only seven episodes long, and they are not long episodes, either. That means you’re only going to have to give up one evening to binge it all. Honestly? Totally worth it. It’s also worth a second go-around, should you feel so inclined.

Based on the final episode, I can only assume that there will be a second season at some point down the line. Without having read the graphic novel (something I intend to rectify in the meantime), I can’t say anything for certain. Though, obviously, I’d be thrilled to see more of it.

Final Thoughts

I Am Not Okay With This is a quick and easy binge series. It doesn’t require much of an investment of your time—though it will require an emotional investment on your part. One that I personally found to be worth it.

I cannot express how much I enjoyed the unique quality of this series. The tone of the series really did read like a graphic novel, an element that I loved. But it was more than that. One thing is certain: I regret not having read the graphic novels beforehand, but at least I have something to fill the void while waiting for a second season.


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