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The Joy of Nostalgia: Rewatching So Weird

They say that watching a show or movie you’ve seen before (and loved) is relaxing for you. Given everything that is going on, we could all use a bit more relaxation in our lives! So this week I decided to binge a series I loved growing up: So Weird.

So Weird - copyright Disney
So Weird – © Disney

So Weird is a series set in the late 1990s, and it shows. We’re talking the characters only just getting cell phones at the end of the series, and things like that. It follows a band on tour and, for the first two seasons, a character named Fiona (aka Fi). Through the magic of television, an excuse is made up for a change in leading actresses for the third and final season, with Annie taking the role.

The title of the series is an accurate description. The whole series is weird. As in, the main character is actively hunting down the weird and paranormal. Her life on the road certainly gave her plenty of excuses to dive into new encounters and local history!

The Joy of Nostalgia

Okay, so I’m probably dating myself a bit here when I say that I loved this series growing up. So Weird was such a fun and different show, with all of these strange and paranormal events happening to one (admittedly cool) family.

This being a Disney Channel original, most people probably know exactly what sort of quality and budget can be found here. Yet, it is still a series that had a lasting impact on me. One of the episodes, “Angel”, is actually the reason why I wanted to be a bone marrow donor when I grew up.

Other episodes had their own impact as well, and for a variety of reasons. It’s safe to say that this series, while arguably not being on the top of my list growing up, still had a lingering effect on me and the person I became. Read into that as much as you like; I won’t be offended.

I knew that watching the series again was going to, pardon me, be super weird. I’ll talk about more of that in a moment. But it still seemed like the right call. And you know what? It was weird, but it was also relaxing. So I guess that saying is true. Okay, the heavy dose of nostalgia probably didn’t hurt either.

Does It Hold Up?

Honestly? Yes and no. That’s the best answer I can give you. It’s not the best series out there, to be sure. But did have its moments. Watching it again, I can see why I loved the series so much when I was younger. But I can also say with complete honestly that if I had come across the series for the first time right now, I would not have been impressed.

It’s funny, actually. Seeing the series as an adult, one who has spent more time reading and watching other series…I could suddenly see all of the influences and references put into this show. It added a whole new light to the series.

On the whole, I have this to say: if you liked So Weird as a kid, you’ll probably have fun diving back into the world for a little bit. But if you didn’t watch the show growing up? You should probably just keep on moving, because that sense of nostalgia is crucial for enjoying the show now.

Final Thoughts

Rewatching an older series like this is always a hit or a miss. It could hold up to your childhood memories. Or it could make you question your childhood judgment. Either wait, it’s sure to be an experience.

In the case of So Weird, I found it to be both fun and relaxing to dive back into this series, though I’m not sure I would have been able to binge it all, had there been more than three seasons. As it turns out, there is a cap for how much nostalgia one is willing to take at any given time. Lesson learned.


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