Welcome to the Show, the Show that Never Ends…

March is just around the corner, and with that come the conventions.  Yes, those wonderful, glorious conventions where one can meet their favorite celebrity, author, writer, or…puppet, cosplay as their favorite celebrity, author, writer, or…yes, puppet, play their favorite game, reenact their favorite battle, LARP till their heart’s content, party like the rock star they want to be, and more!  Ah, the possibilities are endless.  Small cons, big cons, cons in a dingy hotel, cons in a library, cons that take up six city blocks, we love them all.  We long for those few days of escape from the drudgery of our normal nine to fives, play out our wildest fantasies, and hang out with those of us who are like us.

Watch out for those you can run into at the vendor's halls, they may be hungry.
Watch out for those you can run into at the vendor’s halls, they may be hungry.

Out to the vendor’s halls, the fantastic bazaar of all things fringe and pop and horror and steam and space and beyond.  Those hawkers of wares, the purveyors of all things that go bump in the night, flash in four-color fury, shine in tones of brass and copper, the darkness of the infinite void.   Those trinkets of the fantastic, the game you’ve been longing for, the must have and perfect fit costume, they have it all for you, the posters, props and paraphernalia that you take home to tack up on your walls, encase on your shelves, hang in the triumphant glory that screams to those who enter that this is who you are, this is what makes you unique, this is your first and truest love.

Hello, John, er,,, Mr. Davies.
Hello, John, er, Gimli…er, Sallah…er, Mr. Davies.

Out to the celebrity rooms, to stand in the lines, to talk all things geek with those who patiently wait with you, to stand, stare, gibber feverishly and thank profusely for that photo of you with they who give your life meaning every week—in  television, movies, music, and more.  The indecipherable scribble from they who are who you long to be, they who have epitomized the word icon, those who have stepped out of obscurity and into the limelight, they who share those brief 10 seconds with you, that wonderful eternity that stays forever in your memory and the topic of every conversation you have for the following weeks, months, maybe years.

Come play with us!
Come play with us!

Out to the gaming rooms, with the steady din of muffled whispers, clattering dice, the shuffle of pages, scribble of pencils and whoops of laughter, screams of excitement.  The carefully painted miniatures march across Styrofoam and plastic cities, jungles and wastelands, to take up arms in epic battle once more, all for the pride and recognition of their masters, they who lovingly touch them up, place them on one-inch plastic pedestals, and cradle them in eggshell crate comfort.  The board games in every shape, color and size, with cards, counters, dice and spinners, the quiet desperation of the players as they make their last strategic move that might put them closer to victory and rejoice in a game well played.  The games where roles are played, played in all fashions- the hero, the anti-hero, and the crazy little hobbit that just loves to mess up everyone’s plans.

Dress to impress.
Dress to impress.

The cosplays and masquerades where tweens, teens, twenty-somethings and older come together in their latest creation in idolization of their enamored effigy, the paragons of anime, sci-fi, terror, steampunk, cyberpunk, streetpunk and comics.  Flashing lights and glo-stick streaks meld into bronze-covered antiquity, Victorian insensibility, music that pumps, thuds, throbs and pounds all through the night.  The nights that make up the days that make up the weekend that you will never forget…until next time.

Welcome to all the conventions, the big, the little the quiet, the noisy, the smelly, the rosy, the fantastic and mundane, but most of all…

Welcome to Fandomfest.


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