Wendy’s Twitter Account Breaks the Internet With Comic Talk


Marvel Or DC?; Wendy’s Weighs In


If you’ve spent any time on Twitter, then you’re probably already aware of the fact that Wendy’s has one of the sassiest business accounts out there. The last couple of days the account has been spending a lot of time talking comics.


Wendy’s Twitter

Wendy’s has become kind of infamous for the sassy responses their Twitter account has come up with. Everything from sassy comebacks to insults, happy banter with friends and competitions with rivals has appeared on the account. And it’s almost always entertaining for fans.

Some people have even admitted to following Wendy’s simply for the laughs, and with good reasons. Some of the feuds that Wendy’s has started, or ended, have been of epic proportions. The best ones being against other companies, naturally. Though there is something oddly satisfying about seeing Wendy’s put down a rude commenter.



Most recently Wendy’s broke the internet with their talk on comics. It all started when comic author Gail Simone tweeted to Wendy’s asking what their favorite comic publisher was. From there it quickly spiraled into dozens of conversations about comics.

Some of those conversations were positive – fans happily sharing the things they love about the comic book industry with one another and with Wendy’s. Some of the conversations were focused on laughing about the absurdity of it. And other conversations felt the need to question what authority Wendy’s had to speak about comics. While others, mainly from publishing companies, spent time trying to convince Wendy’s to love them the most. 

Regardless of which way the conversation ended up going, Wendy’s was more than capable of handling their own. Most of their comments were hilarious, but some of them were sweet. It was great seeing Wendy’s support so many series that fans love.

Oh, and in case you were curious, Wendy’s is team Marvel



Here are some of the highlights, but it is by no means a full screening of everything that was said. That would simply be too much to include in one page!



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