What Phase of Moon Knight Will Come to Disney+?


“I don’t wear white to hide myself. I wear it so they’ll see me coming.”

Back at D23 for Marvel, we got some crazy awesome announcements. Obviously, being a big Disney event most of the Marvel side focused on the launch of Disney’s new streaming service Disney+ and the Marvel television series featured on it. We got some information about movies like Black Widow, The Eternals and Black Panther 2. The huge announcements were left for the MCU’s foray into television shows that will directly affect the Universe. We learned about WandaVision and how it will take a lot from Tom King’s Vision run. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier got some new looks. But the big thing was, three new shows were announced for Disney+!

Marvel Studios Moon Knight logo Disney+Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk and Moon Knight were all announced to be in development for the streaming service and coming soon. All of those are big announcements for fans. Ms. Marvel is a great younger hero to bring into the fold and one of the newest heroes on the block. She-Hulk is very surprising and will be very interesting to see how that plays out. If you know me at all you know Moon Knight is one of my favorites so, no doubt, I am most excited about Marc Spector in the MCU. Throughout the years there have been many different incarnations of Moon Knight. From Fist of Khonshu, Super-Natural detective Mr. Knight, West Coast and Secret Avenger, Ultra Violent Vigilante,… and so on. So, let’s take a look and what phase of the moon we will get in the MCU.

Werewolf by Night, the West Coast, and More

Marc Spector’s first appearance, like many heroes, was as a villain in a little horror title: Werewolf by Night (who has been rumored to be appearing in an MCU property). The silver-clad mercenary was hired by The Committee to take down Jack Russell, the Werewolf by Night. No multiple personalities or powers by the phases of the moon, just good old silver weapons and a name aptly suitable to take on a werewolf. Yes, he would realize The Committee was bad and team up with Russell to take them down. It wouldn’t be long until Moon Knight got the spotlight (Marvel Spotlight on the Moon Knight #28, that is) and get his own series in the 1980s.

Along came a large backstory of a Jewish upbringing, life in the Marines and as a mercenary. Being betrayed by Bushmaster and left for dead in an Egyptian tomb. Resurrection by the “Moon-god” Khonshu and powers by the moon phases. Along with that came a cast of characters in Frenchie, Marlene, Crawley, Gena, Ray, and Rick. Most notably, Marc took some secret identities for his vigilante justice. Jack Lockley, a cab driver, would get info on the underbelly of NYC, while millionaire playboy Steven Grant kept eyes out on the upper echelon of society. That, coupled with being Marc Spector and the vigilante Moon Knight, led into dissociative identity disorder that would be explored later on.

Moon Knight started out as your regular hero vigilante with a little supernatural twist. He had a Mooncopter and an array of moon-shaped weapons, battled villains, and even joined the West Coast Avengers for a time. He was the “Fist” of his “god” Khonshu and embarked on regular superheroics for a while.

Grim and Gritty Secrets; Mr. Knight, Institutionalized

Then he became at odds with his “god” or even if Khonshu even existed. He brutally took out his enemies, most notably cutting off Bushmaster’s face. He had an almost Punisher-like attitude to taking out villains. This is when, most notably, Marc Spector’s mental health problems came to the forefront of storytelling. Not that it had not before, but now it started to be more of a focus point. Having Bushmaster act as a “beyond the grave” vision, questioning if Khonshu was real? Notably and further on down the line we got that Moon Knight was “crazy”. That years of juggling all of his different personalities had taken a toll psychologically on him. He also notably, for a short while, joined Captain Steve Rogers in his team of Secret Avengers and went to Mars!

After a short trip to Hollywood and imagining the Avengers were helping him out to take down Count Nefaria, Marc went back to his roots somewhat and became a bit of a supernatural detective/vigilante hero again. Most famously his costume changes from bone armor to battle ghost to his all-white suit and mask known as the Mr. Knight look. Later Marc took on his dissociative identity disorder head-on as he was institutionalized in a mental hospital… or was he? Then he battled the Sun King and had a daughter.

Enter the MCU

So, that is a very quick little summary of where Marc Spector has been throughout the years. There is a lot left out, but you get the gist: there are a lot of things from Moon Knight’s comic storylines that the Disney+ show could take from. They could go straight-up horror, bending more toward Marc’s supernatural side. Possibly do a Punisher type story with his more ruthless-style Marine/mercenary background and add in some psychological thriller with his dissociative identity disorder. There is a wealth of possibilities with what they can do and how they can incorporate him into the MCU.

Moon Knight is more of a “street-level”, much like Daredevil, Luke Cage and others, in terms of he is not crazy powerful, but more of punching, kicking, and crescent dart user. Unless they add in the moon phase power thing. But, characters like Black Widow and the Falcon don’t really have any “powers” and still went against Thanos. So, we could see Moon Knight teaming up with other characters on the big screen. What a sight it would be to see Moon Knight standing next to someone like Captain Marvel or Thor, going against some crazy big threat!

The Horror

It seems like with the news of Werewolf by Night appearing in a Marvel property soon that Moon Knight may be leaning toward his supernatural roots. I would say Marvel will do a good mixture of his supernatural, superhero vigilante, and dissociative identity disorder for his stories, which will be good. I feel at times, especially here recently in the comics, writers have focused way too much on Moon Knight’s psychological disorder. Yes, it is an important part of his character and something very important to be discussed, but it is also not the only thing he is or that’s interesting about him. So, I hope the show doesn’t focus on that as a main story point too much.

Another clue of a more supernatural bend toward Moon Knight is the announcement of Blade coming to the MCU. Obviously that means Vampires are also coming to the MCU. We also have that the new Doctor Strange film will have a horror theme to it as well. So, Moon Knight may be a show that fits in with the new Doctor Strange and Blade. It may also help introduce the more horror side of the MCU.


Obviously, I am very excited to see Moon Knight finally come to the MCU and actually see a live-action version of one of my favorite characters. We still do not know much about the Disney+ Marvel shows. But we do know they will have movie-like budgets and actors. Also, that they will directly connect to the MCU films and affect what happens in them (WandaVision will directly connect to the next Doctor Strange film).

Are you excited about Moon Knight coming to Disney+? What storylines do you think they will adapt for the show? Let us know in the comments.

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