What Started the Trend Towards Hyper-Casual Games and Why Are They so Popular?


One of the things that people across the ages have loved to do is play games. That is certainly true in modern society where games remain popular to many—from all-out nerds to those who like to let their inner nerd out now and then!

One rapidly expanding genre within gaming, which may have caught your attention, is “hyper-casual” gaming. This genre includes titles such as Candy Crush, Angry Birds, and online slot games like Starburst. It is a style of play that has exploded in the last few years; 16 of the top 20 downloaded games on mobile devices were hyper-casual in 2019.

But what has been behind this trend?

Mobile Gaming Is the Main Driver

What Started the Trend Towards Hyper-Casual Games and Why Are They so Popular?

There is little doubt that the rise of mobile gaming on tablets and smartphones has been the main driver behind the trend for hyper-casual games. The ease of access afforded by mobile devices also led to an increase in the use of online casinos where to win real money online casino for free has proved to be an unmissable opportunity for players. The increasingly sophisticated tech in mobile devices and expanding mobile networks has not only seen more people play games on the move but also playing more casual games. Hyper-casual games and the mobile market are the ideal fit; it is this which explains the trend for them we are now seeing. Smartphones are something people use all the time in their daily lives. Easy-to-download casual games and casino apps have benefited from that fact.

But just what is it that makes these games so popular with the public?

Fun and Exciting

As with any type of game, the essential thing titles like Bottle Flip 3D have going for them is the fun factor. We all want to play games which are fun, after all, and which please us. “Hyper-casual” titles hit the mark here, as they usually are bright, full of uplifting sound FX, and include cute characters. Even ones like Temple Run, which eschew cuteness, pack in the fun by being exciting and thrilling to play. While in-depth, gritty titles like GTA may be good, “hyper-casuals” do well by appealing to a broad demographic and using themes and content which will not offend people.

Easy to Understand

Another factor behind the rising popularity that “hyper-casual” games are seeing is how easy they are to play. These games usually have straightforward storylines that you do not need to spend hours getting to grips with. They also typically have very simple controls; this makes them rewarding to play and means you can pick them up almost instantly. All this is ideal for playing on mobile where complicated control systems are not possible, and players want games which they can download one minute and start playing the next. There are some great mobile games to kill time with now available, and many of them are hyper-casuals due to how simple they are to grasp.

Free to Play

What Started the Trend Towards Hyper-Casual Games and Why Are They so Popular?
Raiders of the North Sea Mobile App

One primary reason so many of us flock to this genre of game is that they are usually free-to-play. Most “hyper-casual” titles will be available to download from major platforms like the Apple Store for nothing. That not only means you do not have to spend money to play them but also do not waste money on paying for a game that might turn out to be rubbish. Of course, they will usually come with in-game adverts or the chance to spend money on upgrades if you like. But they are still free, in most cases, at the source. Even fun slot games can be tried out for free on many casino sites or apps now.

Fits in With Modern Lifestyles

We live in an increasingly frantic world; people do not always have the time or attention span to play more in-depth games. Hyper-casual titles do not have this problem; they can be picked up, played for a few minutes, and then put down again. It makes them the ideal type of game for the commute home, that boring work break, or while waiting for friends in a bar. Many people do not like being bored or having nothing to do. By giving them something quick and fun to kill time, “hyper-casual” games have found favor with a real cross-section of society.

Casual Gaming Looks Set to Stick Around

When you look at the reasons why hyper-casual titles are so popular, it seems like they will become a primary genre in gaming. That is especially true as mobile gaming continues to expand, and more people use games on their smartphones or tablets to kill time. While other genres on PCs and consoles will remain well-loved, it seems clear that people just cannot get enough of the fun and convenience that casual games offer.

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