What The Flash/Supergirl Crossover Could Mean For The DC TV Universe

The Flash/Supergirl crossover will have lasting effects far beyond the one planned episode.  Let’s explore what this could mean for the DC television universe.  From it’s very inception, the possibility of a crossover with the “Fastest Man Alive” and the “Girl of Steel” was practically a done deal.  Even with the shows airing on different networks (owned by the same parent company), nothing couldn’t stop the epic match-up.  Now that the ink is dry and the crossover episode is confirmed, what does this mean for DC’s television universe?  Most of this is purely speculative, but there are some facts that will back up some of the predictions made.


Martian Manhunter in Supergirl


Now that the existence of meta-humans has become commonplace on The Flash as well as Arrow, it was time to introduce another element to the mix of potential new characters.  Sometimes it is easy to forget that Supergirl is in fact an alien.  With that coal added to the fire, it opens up new threats to Central City and Star City.  Fort Rozz’s escaped convicts have no doubt spread across the world and it’s only a matter of time before some will surface and need to be dealt with.

Another alien character not to forget is Martian Manhunter aka J’onn J’onzz aka Hank Henshaw, the director of the DEO.  Will he reveal himself to teams Flash and Arrow?  The potential team-up possibilities are too awesome to fathom.  The great thing about J’onn is that he’s older and most of the time wiser than the other heroes, which puts him in a natural position of leadership.  Can he be the one to make a team out of the fledgling group of heroes?


Superman and Batman

Superman and Batman

Superman.  That should pretty much say it all.  Superman is a bonefide presence in this universe now and that opens up an unprecedented wealth of potential.  Although it isn’t likely he’ll be around much, his mere presence somehow makes this unified television universe a little more…well unified.

The existence of one doesn’t automatically assume the existence of the other, but how comforting would it be if Batman were to be introduced at some point.  Second only to Superman, he is DC’s and Warner Bros. prime franchise in the superhero realm.  In the days of Smallville, Batman was completely off the table of potential characters but things have changed in the years since the show ended.  The introduction of Batman would be a rating coup and the collective “squee” from fans would be mighty.


Legion of Doom

The Villains

With bad guys like Vandal Savage, Ra’s al Ghul, Damien Darhk, and Maxwell Lord lurking about, could it mean a team up of some of the DC Universe’s most notorious villains?  If their power and resources were to be combined, it could spell doom…or rather Legion of Doom.  Although totally unnecessary, Lex Luthor would certainly make the most sense as a likely new villain to introduce.  However given the long list of enemies between Supergirl, Flash and Green Arrow, there is more than enough threats to go around.

Let’s not forget about other characters introduced a bad guys who should be good guys.  The Huntress and Red Tornado are the two that come to mind.  It would be nice if they returned and were brought into the fold. 


Justice League A

A TV Justice League

With Teen Titans searching for a new home on television, there is a chance it would end up on The CW or CBS.  That means more crossovers and an ever expanding universe.  Having Robin/Nightwing in the mix would all but confirm the existence of Batman and that would raise the stakes considerably.  While Disney and Marvel Comics rule the big screen box office (for now), there is no doubt that Warner Bros. and DC Comics dominate television.

The list of heroes is stacking up and this all means a ton of potential for this finally unified universe.  At some point we will see The Legion of Superheroes from the future as well as appearances of the Legends of Tomorrow.  Adding time travel into the mix gives the writers the ability to make anything happen with a simple jump in time to correct it all.  Aliens, meta-humans, supervillains and seemingly no character off limits, the sky is truly the limit as DC’s television universe is set up for boundless adventures.

Green Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and Martian Manhunter…now that is a formidable group.  Add to that other characters like Black Canary, Firestorm, The Atom, Speedy, Arsenal and a host of others, you have the makings for…dare it be said…a Justice League.

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