Recap: A Weekend of Esports

This past weekend, Intel Extreme Masters, Canada East Champions 4, Smash Summit, The PG Key 2GGC and SMITE Pro League all took place. Twitch accounts broadcast from all over the country, complete with commentators giving the play by play. We’ll catch you up on everything that happened over the weekend. Including the latest in gaming competition news, where the best teams were competing and where you can learn more about each event. 

ESports Gaming Competitions 

Intel Extreme Masters, part of the EST Gaming Network, hosted the fifth annual gaming competition at the Spodek Arena in Katowice, Poland.

The gamers fought for the World Championship title of the IEM Katowice.

This year, the event was held during two consecutive weekends, Feb. 25- 26 and March 3-5.

Intel Extreme Masters caters to all fans by providing commentary in various languages so everyone can enjoy. Learn more about this year’s competition on the Intel Extreme Masters official site
Counter Strike: GO Game Art


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive grand finale took place on Sunday at 12:30 p.m. EST. FaZe will verse the defending champions Astralis for $100,000 of the prize pool. The finals aired live on Twitch.
Heroes of the Storm Game Art

Heroes of the Storm finals are Sunday at 1 p.m. EST. Eight teams have been competing for the $100,000 prize pool. Head to the Twitch page to watch the finals for yourself.
StarCraft II Game Art


StarCraft II grand finals happened on, Sunday at 9:45 a.m. EST with a grand prize of $250,000 of the prize pool. Visit the Twitch page to see the grand finals in action.
League of Legends Game Art


Last weekend, it came down to Flash Wolves versus G2 Esports and Flash Wolves won 2 to 0. Flash Wolves, took the title and first place price in League of Legends.



Fighting Games

Canada East Championships 4 hosted its single and double player fighting games competition this past weekend, with live streams on Twitch during the event. This competition featured games like Street Fighter V, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and Guilty Gear Xrd to name a few, find a full list here.
Smash Bros. Melee Game Art

Nintendo Smash Bros.

Smash Summit began Thursday, March 2. This summit features Smash Bros. Melee. The top eight played on Sunday at 4 p.m. EST. Watch everything that happened on Twitch.

The PG Key to 2GGC: Civil War tournament happened Sunday online, for Smash Bros. Wii U. Complete coverage is available on Twitch.
Smite Game Art


SMITE Pro League Spring Split started Thursday, March 2, and resumed Sunday at 1 p.m. EST with In the Memory of Gabe versus Team Eager. Check out the Twitch stream to relive the glory of SMITE.



What Esports competition was your favorite from this past weekend? Did you watch any Twitch streams? Tell us your favorite moments from the weekend in the comments below.



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