What’s The Internet REALLY Good For?


The internet has a lot to offer everyone living in the modern world. It’s the one place we all have in common, and it’s where we all go in search of information, entertainment, accessible goods and services, and just to make sure we have some kind of voice in such a wide and vast life. It can be an incredible force for good, but it can also be a bad element in some people’s lives – after all, social media alone has a toxic side when used too much.

What's The Internet REALLY Good For?
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Everyone has their own opinions on the world wide web, but the one thing we can all agree on is that the internet is a great place when used for our own ends! But what is it really good for? If you wanted to put your wifi connection to good use, where should you go, and what should you do? Well, here are a few suggestions.

Connecting with Others

Of course, one of the main boons the internet offers us is its interconnectivity. At least 7 billion people around the world use the internet, and that guarantees at least a few of us are going to be online at the same time! There are millions of people across the same social media platforms, we’re all using our Facebook and Instagram accounts to share and share alike when it comes to experiences.

And that can be good, as long as it’s done responsibly. You can start to compare your life to others, after all, and that helps no one. Recently, Instagram announced that likes are going to be turned invisible, to make sure no one but the poster can see just how popular their shared experiences can be. That sounds like a smart move towards making social media a bit more enjoyable, for the sake of real connectivity.

Learning Something New

Learning is a big part of the human experience – as creatures, we love to know what’s going on, and we’re incredibly innately curious. We left the planet and went to space because we wanted to know what was up there; we’re people who want to know more about the world and everything that’s in it and be the smartest and enlightened person we know of.

And the internet can be a great learning tool, as long as you’re using reputable sources to learn your facts and figures from. And it doesn’t just have to be an afternoon’s worth of infomania playing on you; you can even obtain degrees via the online world now, and we’ve all seen plenty of pop up marketing banners for eLearning companies across the various blogs and entertainment sites we visit on a daily basis.

The internet can be good for a lot of things, and we’re all going to use it differently. But reasons like the two above are the most common ways the internet inserts itself into our lives. Being able to share and learn, whenever and wherever we like, keeps life interesting.

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