Which Is Better? PC Or Console?


When it comes to gaming there are two choices. Console or PC gaming. There is an abundance of message boards covered with the long debate over which is better and it doesn’t;t seem to be anywhere near being solved. It might never be solved as it’s down to personal preference. You will find that people have a lengthy discussion over topics such as which is the most cost-effective, the Best VR games to play, which has better quality graphics or which has the best multiplayer options. If you’re trying to decide between the two often these can leave you feeling a little lost and confused.

If you’re looking for a little help this short guide may be what you’re after. Have a look below at the comparison between PC or Console gaming:

What You Should Consider 

The most important thing about console and PC gaming is that you get enjoyment from playing the games. Regardless of which you choose to use it’s important to remember that it’s for fun. You need to make careful considerations when making your decision such as your technical skills, your budget, any available upgrades, the available games, and many others. Some of the top areas to consider include:

  • Your Budget – PC and console are both very different when it comes to budget and undoubtedly you’re going to want to get the most for your money. With P, you tend to have more options and often you will find that each PC gamer hs their own custom-built unit whereas with a console you’re pretty much limited with the choice of console, extra controllers and buying online passes. Because of the wide variety of options and the effect, this has on budget it’s pretty much impossible to compare these based on value for money. It’s very much down to the individual. 
  • Technical skills –  You will find that PC gamers tend to have more technical skills that those who choose to use a console. Console gamers do need to be able to install updates and understand how to connect online however PC gamers need to have at least a minimal level of skills to get on with gaming. You will find that PC gamers tend to continuously upgrade and modify parts of their kit and unless they choose to buy a prebuilt gaming computer will need to be rather technically minded. 
  • Future Upgrades – When it comes to upgrades consile upgrades are far less complicated and therefore your able to do it with minimal skill whereas with a PC, the upgrades can at times be extensive. Pretty much everything can be upgraded including the appearance of the computer casing itself. 

Console Gaming Advantages

Just because a PC is more technical doesn’t necessarily mean they are better than a console. Consols tend to be easier to use, don’t need any upgrades and many of your friends will also have one. As playing with friends is one of the priorities this makes consols a popular choice. You may find that consols are cheaper in general and they also have features like wireless controllers making it appealing. Have a look at some of the main advantages here: 

  • Consoles Are Simple And Cheaper Gamers tend to like the ease of access and this is exactly what you get with a console, they’re simpler than a PC and require very little technical know-how in order to set up and maintain. You can start within minutes of plugging it in from the box. You don’t have to mess around with build times and the costs are relatively low in comparison. You can even use the newer consoles to stream your favorite tv shows, films, and youtube. 
  • No Upgrades Needed –  It’s very easy to keep a console maintain and up to date, it will even prompt you for when you require more storage space and when a bug fix has been released. As PC games advance you can find that you need to upgrade the hardware more often, which sometimes makes consoles a more popular choice. As Consoles get older, people tend to upgrade by buying a completely new system as, as games advance the newer games can sometimes not be used on the older console. For example, the Xbox one games can’t be played on the Xbox360 console. This does mean that at times players are forced to upgrade their console if they want to play the latest games. 
  • Allows A Range Of People To Play Regardless Of Technological Skills – You will find that most of your friends have console systems, which makes it very easy to play multiplayer games. Consoles are also set up with multiplayer in mind. 
  • Console-Exclusive Titles – You may find that some games that are released are not available on PC but they normally all are on console systems. This means that you mean to really consider which games you prefer as not all games are released on all consoles or PC. 
  • The Controllers – Wireless controllers enable you to be more active while playing, you can move around the room and still play your game and some consoles have games that increase your physical activity and skills.

PC Gaming Advantages 

PCs have a variety of different advantages, you are able to customize your PC to meet your needs, the visuals tend to be sharper and more life-like, peripherals are far more accurate than a console, and you can even modify the games if you wish.

  • Customizable Hardware –  You have the capability to build your own PC from scratch. Many gamers who choose PC tend to choose this option as it allows them to build to perfect machine for hem to use for their needs. You can also control the budget as you can put as much or as little as you want into it. Bear in mind though that you need to have minimum requirements in order for certain games to run efficiently. Some people choose to start from the beginning and upgrade as and when they need it.
  • Gaming Computer Hardware When it comes to the hardware for a PC there are three main factors to consider. RAM (memory), GPU (graphic card) and hard drive (solid-state or hard drive). In general, all these areas can be upgraded to fit the gamer’s requirements. 
  • Better Graphics – You’re in complete control of how well your PC performs with regards to graphics, you have the ability to upgrade to some outstanding visuals. This makes PC really stand out when it comes to graphics display and one of the main reasons why gamers choose PC over a console. You can even use two monitors to improve your gaming experience even further. 
  • Modding – A PC is much more customizable in other ways too. You are able to completely change the appearance of your PC and in many games, you are even able to modify the gameplay. You’re able to change things such as your characters in order to give a game more personality. Often the most dedicated gamers will be a dab hand at modding. 
  • The Games Cost Less – Whilst the setup costs of each type of gaming are very different one of the advantages of PC gaming has got to be the fact that the games are generally cheaper. 

When considering which type of gamer you are or which you’d prefer to try. Perhaps you want to try both. You have to remember the budget and what overall experience you’re after. There is no straight answer to which is better. Know one will likely be able to answer this question as it’s bound to be different for each individual person. 

Do you have any input regarding which is better? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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