Whispers #3 Review: Send Him To Hell

Your name is Sam and you are disturbed. You fall asleep one night only to find yourself cast out from your physical body and into the lives of a baby eating demon, your cruel mother, your druggie ex, and the bed wetting douche who is cheating on your most recent ex with your mutual friend. Joshua Luna’s Whispers follows Sam and his ghost like descent into darkness. Joshua Luna, one half of the Luna Brothers duo that brought you The Sword, Ultra, and Girls goes solo in Whispers. Luna runs the whole shebang, publishing the six part bimonthly miniseries with Image.

As you may imagine, life is pretty stressful for our hero, Sam. Luna has demonstrated Sam is your typical socially awkward, self-centered coward who has gained the ability to listen in to the thoughts of those he knows. Not only can he listen in this “ghost” form, he can also whisper.

The rest of the cast features a few gems, but they all seem a little shallow right now — I get the feeling that Luna is just biding his time before he sinks into the side characters more fully. Just with their expressions alone, Luna manages to give us flashes of other perspectives, sides of the characters deeper, and more real than a just a druggie, drug dealer, or a baby-eating monster. Indeed Luna’s creepy art guides us through the story easily. He casts the characters into shadows, dark reds and rough lines during the “ghost” dreams, sending Sam into dark space and hellfire and forces him to brave bright, germ ridden coffee shops by day.

In the first two issues we see Sam and we think of that one friend we have to coax off the figurative bridge every night and we sigh, sympathetically. In issue #3, we start to see a side of Sam that suggests our hero isn’t quite the pathetic, harmless, failure everyone thought him to be. Sam appears to be quite capable of harm — and those little whispers are starting to ooze poison. I love the subtle switch between pitiful loser to vengeful puppet master.

There’s horror and then there is the whisper of horror. Shadows and slaughter intertwine with Starbucks and OCD in Whispers. It’s a picture of the average life crumbling apart and sticking together by some horrific black goop. Interested in a sinking to a little creepy slice of the 20-something life? Pick up Joshua Luna’s Whispers #3 from Image Comics at your local comic book store now.


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