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So, Heroic Hollywood announced a poll that was taken about America’s favorite Superhero, villains and what superpowers they would like to have. So, before you look at the results let’s play a little game. List your top 10 superheroes and villains, then what superpower would you like to have? I will do the same. After much deliberation, I am going to allow Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Hellboy and the like. Which made this much tougher. Okay, so my personal top 10 heroes goes something like this 1. Captain America (Steve Rogers) 2. Raphael (TMNT) 3. Daredevil 4. Moon Knight 5. Hellboy  6. Iron Fist 7. The Flash (Wally West) 8. Ghost Rider 9. Colossus 10. The Thing

Villains are a lot tougher 1. Dr. Doom 2. Shredder 3. Galactus 4. Thanos 5. Taskmaster 6. Clayface 7. Hobgoblin 8. Red Skull 9. Dracula 10. Kraven the Hunter. Superpower would have to be either flying, healing or invulnerability it is way to hard to choose! Okay now that I have listed mine and maybe you have listed yours let’s look at what the results are.

The Final Countdown

The results are in and they are a bit of a shock. You can see the movie influence in the top ten but number one is a bit of a shocker. Truth, Justice and the American way comes in first yes Superman locks in the #1 spot! Now Supes being in the top 3 of 5 would not be shocking but number 1 was a little bit. I guess though if we think about it he has been around since 1939, the Superman symbol is universally recognized. People “know” about Superman without ever really reading or seeing anything about him. Many people I think just know him from cultural osmosis, kryptonite is a word used for weakness in common vernacular now. So, after thinking about it that is not as shocking.

Spider-Man beats out Batman for 2nd spot

Spider-Man beats out Batman for 2nd spot leaving Bats in third. This is a bit shocking but those two have also been wildly popular for a very long time with both having several movies, tv shows, comic books, etc… under their belts. Spider-Man and Batman are also favorites among young kids so most people grew up with them.

4 and 5 are where we start to see the MCU/Movie influence. My man Captain America comes in at a shocking #4. I really couldn’t believe he was #4 but when the MCU makes a billion dollars and Chris Evans brings the character to life he gains some traction. Iron Man at #5 is a bit shocking because I didn’t expect him to get beat by Cap. But what is most shocking you do this list before 2008 I don’t know if either one of these two cracks the top 10. Iron Man doesn’t and Cap might have but I don’t know for sure. It is crazy how much they have entered into the pop culture mind in the past few years.

6 and 7 are again a bit shocking. Wonder Woman coming in at #6 was a major shocker. She is a very well-known character worldwide and usually is in the top 5, so her getting bumped to six was crazy. Aquaman can thank Jason Mamoa for coming in at #7, nobody was listing Aquaman in the top 10 before that. But that is a crazy fast rise for the character.

Captain Marvel wallpaper
Captain Marvel at #8

8, 9 and 10 are some interesting ones as well. Captain Marvel at #8 is a big one. I didn’t expect Carol Danvers to make the top 10, which is another big MCU bump for her. Black Panther is another big MCU bump at #9. He has always been a cool character but not that many “regular” people knew about him before the MCU for him to crack the top 10. I think Wolverine is the biggest loser here. He has been wildly popular for a while and for him to be at #10 shows he might be losing some traction.

Villains and Powers

I think villains is a weird one to list I don’t have that many favorite villains and I would think non-comic book fans might have some trouble with this one. But #1 is no shocker everybody knows the Joker so that was a given. Catwoman again I think that comes from popularity and people know her for #2. Venom at #3 is a bit of shocker since I think of him as an anti-hero now but he did debut as a villain and has had his own movie so not too shocking. Thanos at #4 seems about right, I expected him to be a bit higher with the MCU but also for common non-comic book nerds they have only recently heard of him in the span of things

#6 for the master of magnetism in the villains list
#6 for the master of magnetism in the villains list

#5 Lex Luthor I think comes from Superman’s popularity. #6 Magento is a good pick and I know he was popular but I didn’t think #6 for the master of magnetism. #7 Penguin is a bit odd like I am a bit skeptical that many people listed the Penguin as one of their favorite villains!

#8 I think maybe the biggest loser for the villains in Harley Quinn, again another one that is turning into an anti-hero with her popularity. She is another one I would have guessed would have been in the top 3 at least. #9 Mystique is a shocker, I am guessing it comes from her being in so many X-Men films because I wouldn’t have though top 10 for her. #10 is Loki which is another shocker I figured with him being so popular in the MCU at least the top 5.

For the power, I don’t exactly know how they asked this or who answered these but Invisibility won with 37% of the votes. Okay, I get it if you say like Sue Richards the Invisible Woman you can make force fields and such, but who just wants to be invisible? Healing, strength, time travel, intelligence all make sense. But invisibility, out of all the powers people picked that, come on.

Show out

So, what do you think about the list? You agree or disagree with the people?  There is a lot to unpack here. Obviously, everybody has a different favorite. Some missed the top 10 I thought would make it, like The Hulk, Thor and others. You know you also have to let us know your top 10 heroes, villains and what superpower you would pick in the comments below. 

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