Why Comic Books Are So Popular?


Why Comic Books Are So Popular?

Comic books date back to the 18th century. These magazines or books are comprised of comical content and art with witty characters known to many people. There was just something about comic books that drew people to read them. It was not unusual to see four or five children or adults viewing a single comic book. It was also very common for comic books to go through ten or more people before they were retired to a shelf or drawer. Why were comic books so popular? The bigger question is why are they still popular in a modern world with e-books. Find the answer to these questions in the article below.

Why Comic Books Are So Popular?

The Statistics

A report released by The Comichron, a blog that tracks the sales of comic books, revealed that 2016 was a great year for the comic book industry. Retailers placed orders for more than 8.5 million copies in an effort to meet the growing demand. The orders requested copies of the top 300 comics, which are sought out by collectors and fans.

The Comichron based its report on information collected from comic book retailers. Unfortunately, not all retailers report their sales to the blog. So, the figures are not accurate since there is no other way to track individual sales.

Other reports show that retailers ordered almost 9 million copies in December 1997. When you compare this figure with the 2016 figure, it could be said that comic books are more popular today than 20 years ago. However, there is no true way of proving that statement. But, with sales being 56 percent higher in 2016 than in 1997, it is only natural to question the popularity difference.

Long-Running Series

Comic books are very similar to other types of books as they tell a story. Readers are drawn to these stories, which is why they continue to invest in new editions. Blackhawk, Femforce, Savage Dragon and Looney Tunes are just a few examples of long-running comic book series. All of these series feature characters and storylines that fans find interesting and entertaining.

Fans just cannot get enough of the top comics. And, as long as publishers keeping pushing out new editions, they will continue investing. With that said, the same thing can be said about casino games. The characters featured in these games have made their way in the hearts of gamblers around the world. CasinoGuru Canada features some of the most popular casino games ever created.

Superhero Characters 

People are drawn to superheroes. These fictional characters have superhuman or extraordinary powers. Most of the comic superheroes utilize their superhuman powers to fight crime. Some of the most popular Marvel and DC superhero characters include Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Hal Jordan, Captain America, and Thor.

Just about everyone has a favorite superhero comic book character that they idolize. Even though this is only a fictional character, you just cannot help but fall in love with them. These crime-fighting characters are viewed as selfless, strong, risk-takers and relentless. So, it is easy to see why fans continue to follow their favorite superhero comic book characters.

From Comic To Movie

Many comic book characters have made their way to the big screen. Characters like Superman, Batman, and The Hulk are featured in superhero movies from time to time. Loyal fans will line up around the block just so they can be the first to watch a specific superhero movie. These movies feature storylines that are so action-packed that viewers have a hard time taking their eyes off the screen. The characters have perfect bodies and are always dressed in skin-tight outfits made of Lycra Spandex. The sex appeal can be felt throughout the entire theater.

When you read a comic book, you can only imagine what a superhero would look like. But, when they appear on the big screen, the guesswork disappears. Some fans will find themselves attracted to the characters in some way or another. They may even be inspired by the characters. Whatever the case may be, this attraction and inspiration are why comic books are very popular in the modern world.


Whether you are a geek or just someone who admires superheroes, you are probably drawn to comic books. No one can deny the fact that superheroes are admiral, inspirational and motivational.

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