Why Everyone Loves Baby Yoda

Why Do We Love Baby Yoda?

Ah, Baby Yoda. Or The Asset. Or The Child, as he is also known. Truly, the real star of The Mandalorian. He burst onto our screens in a little egg pod and stole our hearts immediately. But why do we love Baby Yoda so much? Why would we do literally anything for this tiny little green boy? I’m here with answers. 

He Was Unexpected

Who among us watching The Mandalorian saw that little egg pod and thought “I know exactly what’s in there and it’s a baby Yoda”? Not a one of us. Who could guess we’d get those big eyes and comically large ears peering up at us from an egg pod? There’s something to be said for a true surprise in a television show. Nowadays, there are so many narrative patterns that it can sometimes be easy to guess what’s going to happen. I haven’t really been surprised by a movie or TV show since I saw The Village for the first time. But the Baby Yoda twist was completely unexpected in the best way. 

He’s Adorable

Speaking of big eyes and comically large ears, um, Baby Yoda is adorable. What’s more, we get The Babysitter’s Club: The Mandalorian Edition. Nothing is more adorable than a rough-and-tumble character forced to take care of a child. The Mandalorian seems to have taken a shine to Baby Yoda, if his actions in Chapters 3 and 4 are anything to go on. I think we all would risk literally everything for Baby Yoda at this point. 

The Mandalorian
Just look at that little puppet; reminds us of the original Yoda

He’s Strong in the Force

What’s cool about Baby Yoda and simultaneously adds a layer of mystery to the character is that he’s strong in the Force. We don’t know how or why, but we know that he is. This little nugget of information fuels the following theories about Baby Yoda. 

Theories Abound

According to The Washington Post, there are three popular theories about Baby Yoda:

Yoda’s Clone

One eagle-eyed viewer caught that the technician who works for Werner Herzog’s character is wearing a uniform emblazoned with the Kaminoan symbol. Kamino, of course, being the cloning planet, if you remember your Attack of the Clones history (which, I know, we all try to forget). This little detail puts some stock in the theory that Baby Yoda is actually Yoda’s clone. As of Chapter 2, we know Baby Yoda can use the Force; so either all of Yoda’s species are proficient or the Kaminoans figured out how to successfully clone Force users. 

The Mandalorian
Baby Yoda and his cup = a mood

Yoda’s Child

As much as we hate to think about it, Yoda could’ve fathered this child. I’m not sure how his species reproduces, and I’m not even going to guess. But it would explain Baby Yoda’s Force sensitivity. And we do know there’s a female of Yoda’s species on the Jedi Council, so. Maybe double the Force ability? Yaddle exists; as a specific Baby Yoda-shaped plot device, or as a throw-away character with no other reason to be around than to prove Yoda isn’t the last of his species, I don’t know. 

Another of Yoda’s Species

Speaking of Yaddle again, because of her we know there are more of Yoda’s species, that he’s not the only one. Baby Yoda could be anyone’s child. The point is, Yoda’s species is shrouded in mystery. Are there more of them? Is it just Yoda and Yaddle? Was Yaddle actually important to the Star Wars universe or was she just the product of George Lucas being weird? 

One More: He’s the Real Chosen One

Ryan Britt for Inverse touches on this theory, noting that if Baby Yoda is 50 years old, then he was born in the same year as Anakin. So, what if Baby Yoda was born to really balance the Force? Britt goes on to say that this explains the Force imbalance in Episode 9; Baby Yoda is “the anti-Anakin, a creature, possibly, created by the Force itself to balance out the extreme power of Anakin.” Britt also has a theory that Baby Yoda will be in Rise of Skywalker, seeing as he’ll be about 80 when the movie takes place. Personally, I hope Baby Yoda stays sequestered in The Mandalorian; the show feels like Star Wars is truly returning in full force, but it also feels like something separate from Star Wars itself. In my opinion, I wouldn’t want to cross the streams of The Mandalorian and Rise of Skywalker. 

The Mandalorian
Playing with things he shouldn’t be

Final Thoughts

I’m absolutely delighted by The Mandalorian. As I said above, and as many people I’ve spoken to about the show have stated, The Mandalorian feels like Star Wars is really back. We’ve had some lackluster experiences with the new trilogy so far, but The Mandalorian feels like a classic already. 


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