Will Directing Suicide Squad Sequel Redeem Mel Gibson?

Suicide Squad wallpaper
Our new favorite misfits
The DC Extended Universe is growing and forming into the thing of dreams for DC fans, with Wonder Woman set to release later this year, and Justice League gaining production momentum. A sequel to the ensemble movie, Suicide Squad has been announced, and the search for a director has been underway. The buzz in the movie world this week is Mel Gibson being the front-runner to direct the next installment, according to The Hollywood Reporter. In addition to being a talented actor (Lethal Weapon series, Signs), Gibson has directed films such as The Passion of the Christ, Apocalypto, and Braveheart which he starred in as well as directed.  Braveheart went on to win five Oscars and a Golden Globe. 

If you recall, after directing those critically-acclaimed works, Gibson went into a downward spiral where he not only went on very discriminatory anti-Semitic rants but was also recorded verbally abusing his girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva. Since then, he has retreated from the main spotlight and resided in the shadows of tinsel town, aside from the occasional reference or parody. He made a brief appearance in Expendables 3 and recently had success as the director for Hacksaw Ridge. The question now is, will Mel Gibson be able to redeem himself by joining the DCEU? If confirmed, and he directs Suicide Squad 2 to a blockbuster victory, can we, his old fans and potentially new ones accept him back as the legend he was, given all that he has done?

Celebrity Meltdowns And The Return of Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson directing Braveheart
Mel Gibson directed and starred in Braveheart
Many celebs have found some form of redemption after their walk on the dark side. For instance, Robert Downey Jr. went on a dangerous drug and alcohol bender for many years in the 90s and spent time in rehab as well as out of the spotlight. He returned in the early 2000s and since then has risen out of the ashes of his past to play many amazing roles, notably, Tony Stark in the Iron Man and Avengers films.  Hollywood is notorious for forgiveness that comes on the heels of box office success and it virtually created the comeback from scandal scenario. 

In the case of Mel Gibson, his stint with anger and discrimination was a while ago. However, many are far from happy with this development. Personal reputation aside, many may say that he has been a stellar director and an even more talented actor. His time in the Lethal Weapon movie franchise is synonymous to the personality theme of Suicide Squad – crazy, funny, devil-may-care, with a hint of reflective remorse. Mel Gibson may just be the most compatible choice to weave the story of our new favorite misfits. What do you think, readers? Let us know in the comments!

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