Should The Internet Be Censored?


As the internet continues to expand and become more popular around the world, difficult questions are beginning to arise. One of the most debated questions of all is this: should the internet be censored? Should the internet be free to use at your own risk or should strict censorships be upheld for the masses? What is the solution?

Personal Responsibility

Should The Internet Be Censored?
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First and foremost, we must each take personal responsibility. Cybercrime, malicious people, untoward websites and dangerous media are a real threat of using the internet, but they often will not affect you, so long as you take the necessary precautions. 

One of the best things to install on your personal computer, tablet or mobile is a VPN, as this will keep all of your data and personal information under a virtual lock and key. There are plenty to choose from and it all depends on what you require. Some VPNs even have focused features such as CyberGhost, which offers specialized streaming features according to this review at Secure Thoughts.

Of course, you can’t rely entirely on a VPN. When browsing the web, try to avoid any websites that do not feature a padlock next to their URL. In fact, try to avoid websites that are not owned by a reputable source or that do not have positive reviews from other internet users entirely. Next, when creating accounts ensure that your passwords are incredibly strong, especially for your email and banking accounts.

Censorship To Stop Cybercrime

There’s no denying the immeasurable benefits that come with internet access, but there are also a number of more worrying aspects that are slowly becoming more prominent. For one, there are the risk or security breaches that those without programs like VPNs are open to, often perpetrated by malicious software. Even people we know in real life can become overly emboldened due to the borderline anonymous, consequence-free nature of the internet, becoming nasty on social media or posting inappropriate media. 

Again, all we can really do is take personal responsibility to stop this from happening to us and those we love. Or, we could allow the government to push forward with internet censorship and stop any of us having access to certain things. 

Censorship Is A Breach of Freedom

For some people, the idea of government censorship is fine. After all, it takes the reins from our hands and we are no longer accountable for the sites we visit. Unfortunately, over time it isn’t unheard of for a government to end up controlling what a country can access entirely. On some occasions such as in China, the censorship has gone so far that even sites that the rest of the world deems safe have been blocked entirely. Worst of all, the punishment for accessing blocked websites can often include lengthy jail sentences and massive fines. 

Ultimately, we’re sticking with the idea that the internet should not be completely censored. Instead, each of us should learn to do our research in order to ensure we do not become victims of others who would use the web negatively. There should, of course, be consequences for the people who create malicious software, provide illegal media or become members of online groups that can ultimately become violent in the real world, but for the everyday internet user who just wants to read their Facebook wall and watch YouTube, we think we’ll be alright.

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