NASA to Play a Role in Endgame?

Tony Stark stuck in space

#SaveTonyStarkFromSpace Sets Twitter on Fire

Endgame is here and Tony Stark is the focus of the recently released trailer. While we do see a few of our favorite heroes, the one in his most pitiful state is Iron Man. Other than those wiped out from existence, the main Avengers remain in trouble. With a message to his beloved Pepper Potts, weak look and basically somewhere in space unknown, it is quite understandable for fans to hound NASA.

Although it is fiction. 

Tony Stark, Endgame

Avengers: Endgame - Tony Stark lost in space
Tony Stark, lost in space

In the trailer, we see Tony Stark sitting on the cold floor. His state is pitiful: all alone and lonely, in a tank top, looking grimy and weak, almost breathless. It was his act of holding his helmet to deliver a message to Pepper that made the scene unbearable. Not only is this different kind of loneliness much sadder, but it also diverts our attention from not-so-hidden gems such as who will save him in the end? 

Will he be saved in the end? Is anyone else getting too emotional at the moment?

The Unknown

The fight with Thanos left Tony Stark in a state, along with his suit. The battered-looking head of the once super-advanced Iron Man suit has too many dents. Hence, Tony Stark’s message, “If you ever get this message.” Other than that, he stated how he ran out of food and water and will most likely run out of oxygen that morning. It is unknown where he is, if there are satellites near him to deliver the message, and if someone is close to him. 

This is his part in the endgame and it is tearjerking, to say the least. 

Hounding/Trolling NASA

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is now being trolled by many fans who only want what’s best for Tony Stark. So without further ado, here are some fan tweets to NASA and their response.

Some believe that NASA’s reply is not enough. So in true fan fashion, they also are currently trolling a certain billionaire philanthropist who also had a cameo in Iron Man 2. I’m talking about Elon Musk, and he did great fan service with his reply, giving a reference to his cameo in Machete. The one where he sends the lead hero to space, in particular.

Other than that, we see the rest of the surviving Avengers. Hawkeye’s back and so is Ant Man. Steve Rogers is out of his wits. There’s no denying that Endgame is the most anticipated movie of 2019 and probably one with the saddest goodbyes we’ll ever face. 

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