Will We See the Venom Suit in the Movie?

Venom Movie Suit To Be Limited?

A superhero movie is coming out, and that means a whole new series of rumors. The Venom movie dropped a trailer a month or two ago, to plenty of online buzz. However, the crux of the buzz was one question: Where was the suit? With the famous suit barely seen in action in the trailer for the Spider-Man spinoff, people were concerned. The most we saw was it in stasis, and a bit of action, not in full costume at the end. Thus the rumor mill began to flow once more. The big one to come up is that we wouldn’t see the suit until the third act fight scene.

If this is the case, it would not be a good look for the film. However, the suits must be a CGI nightmare to concoct, and might not be ready to show in a trailer. This is especially true if we want to avoid whatever Topher Grace was wearing in Spider-Man 3 (Yes, it existed, just like how Batman and Robin existed.). A similar situation has been mentioned by Aquaman director James Wan. Over the weekend, Wan had to refute a rumor that a trailer for Aquaman would premiere at or during WonderCon. His reason: the CGI was not ready. A similar situation must be going on with Venom.

Hardy Calls Out Venom Gossipmongers

Wan wasn’t the only one to call out those spreading rumors over WonderCon weekend. Venom star Tom Hardy decided he had enough and posted the following on Instagram:

With the Venom film currently in post-production, we will likely to see a new trailer soon. With more complete CGI in that trailer, the first appearance of the suit will go a long way in quelling rumors, if for a brief second.

Venom swings into theaters on October 5th.


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