Witchblade #157

witchblade1571Time was that most women would be satisfied with washing and cleaning up after us man folk, so, you would think that being a private investigator in the heart of Chicago would be thrilling enough for any modern Girl, right? Well, in the case of Sara Pezzini that is far from the truth.

As the current bearer of the Witchblade, Sara can’t help but get in to as many extra-curricular scrapes as humanly possible. For example, since she left New York she has discovered the Corruption Contract under the city, joined forces with two other artifact bearers to keep the Contract contained and discovered doorways all over the city leading to other worlds. Not bad for her first few month in a new city. Unfortunately the Corruption Contract was not contained before it could influence parts of the city.

We now join the party at issue #157 and the start of a new story arc, Portals. In between mundane cases Sara sticks her nose in where it has never been wanted and stumbles across a strange meeting. While trying to save a couple of scummy humans from some ugly, angry, green, pig beasts, she follows them back to where they came from and into one of the odd doorways to another place. Now she has to find out what the hell is going on, save herself and the one human kidnapped by the pig beasts and get everyone home alive! Piece of cake!!

Witchblade-157-Panel-2This is more of the same Witchblade goodness, with the first comic in the arc giving a good initial setup for the rest in this on-going series. There are some cool new characters and enough to make you want to find out where Pezzini will end up next.






Check out Witchblade #157 Portals, Pt. 1 on Wednesday 4th July.


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