WITCHBLADE Cover Artifacts

Are you the type of person that plays records backwards in the hunt for hidden messages?

If so, then there is something fundamentally wrong with you, get some mates. But also, you are going to love this.

John Tyler Christopher, Witchblade “A” cover artist, has not only been providing us with some ass kicking and visually stunning comic book covers, but since Witchblade #151 he has also been leaving fans extra little tidbits. For on the cover of Whitchblade comics, since #151, Christopher has been adding in sneaky little messages. If deciphered, these messages will lead fans to extra content and also, until the end of the week, fans can be placed in a prize draw to win some cool fan stuff!

Interested? If so:

Go to and entre the puzzle solution for extra content.


Go to to be entered in to the daily prize draw, but be quick at Geekdad’s Week of Whitchblade ends this weekend!!

One of the many reasons I love working with John is that, as an illustrator, he’s not only capable of producing some truly mesmerizing covers, but he’s always thinking outside the box. The birth of this idea really began with John’s desire to engage fans and give them more with every cover. And what better way to announce the project than on Wired, the best news source for innovation and technology?

Top Cows publisher Filip Sablik, speaking about the special covers.

So Google, Bing or, just maybe, buy these comics and get your geek brains in gear to solve these puzzles, then send me the answer as I am 100% lost.

Witchblade #151 Cover A

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