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Wizard World 2018 Cleveland, OH

Wizard World 2018 Cleveland
Wizard World 2018 Cleveland

Great Costumes and Amazing Talent at Wizard World

Wizard World was held this past weekend, March 2nd through the 4th, in Cleveland, OH at the Convention Center. It was my first time attending and I had a blast! I went Saturday and spent the majority of the day walking around taking pictures and purchasing artwork from the vendors. People were happy to strike a pose and smile for my camera. Or not smile depending on the character. For example, Batman was quite intense. “Why so SERIOUS?!” Due to the number of cosplayers, it made the experience all the more exciting.


Jessica Jones (A) Scott Straka
Jessica Jones (A) Scott Straka

I’m obsessed with handmade original art. I have artwork all over my apartment. Most pieces are from local artists who showcase their work at boutiques around Cleveland. For this reason while at Wizard World, I focused on the vendors that were selling their original art. I came to the event dressed as Jessica Jones from the Netflix series. I was surprised I didn’t see more artwork representing her. Boooo. But, luckily I found one glorious portrait of Jessica Jones by Scott Straka. It now resides with all my other, as Gollum from Lord of the Rings would say, “precious” pieces of art. 


It pains me to say that my sister loves Batman. As a huge Superman fan, this is difficult to acknowledge. It’s not that I dislike Batman.  It’s just that Superman rules and Batman drools. I’m kidding. Batman is cool. Anyway, I had to get something for her. Chad Strohl had a dark and mysterious Batman portrait that I knew she’d love. The Christopher Nolan Dark Knight Trilogy movies are her favorite. Chad is also the writer and artist for two of his own comics, ‘Inferno’ and ‘Michele’. Check them out! 

Fun Photo Opportunities

Wizard World 2018 Cleveland
Wizard World 2018 Cleveland

In addition to artists selling their goods, others at Wizard World were there to help out a charitable organization. For example, you could choose a prop from Star Wars and pose with Star Wars characters behind a backdrop. You didn’t have to pay to take pictures, but if you did the proceeds would go to a good cause. A local Ghostbusters fan group brought proton packs, ghost traps, and other ghostly props to help you get in character and pose in front of their replica Ghostbusters car, “A 2012 MINI Cooper Clubman wagon featuring a custom-built roof rack bristling with ghost-hunting paraphernalia…”. How awesome are the volunteers for taking the time to set all this up for a good cause! 

I couldn’t resist the replica Blues Brothers mobile. My dad got me hooked on the movie. He’s a huge fan. I got a picture in the car and a collectors’ toy car for my dad. A fellow Wizard World patron walked by as I was getting my picture taken and shouted, “How many miles to Chicago?!” Awesome. Rock on, Buddy.  

This is Jessica Jones cosplayer via the Supernatural replica mobile wishing all of you comic con fans a good one. Until next time!

Wizard World 2018 Cleveland
Wizard World 2018 Cleveland

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