Wonder Woman 84 Debuts Poster

Wonder Woman 84 Reveals First Poster

Wonder Woman 84 is a highly-anticipated film, needless to say. Originally set to debut this year, WB pushed it back to 2020, to land on the same weekend as the first film. Director Patty Jenkins reportedly is not the biggest fan of the move; but she did agree to the studio’s proposal. And now, news has come that WB and DC Movies will not be among the Hall H presentations for SDCC. This means that fans will have to wait even longer for footage of the film.

Wonder Woman 84 teaser poster
WW84 teaser poster

However, Jenkins, star Gal Gadot, and DC decided to have some mercy on us. On Wednesday afternoon, Jenkins posted the first poster for Wonder Woman 84 on her Twitter. Gadot and DC soon followed suit with similar tweets.

Comparisons are already being made to the look of Thor: Ragnarok. This is unfair, as one franchise doesn’t have a monopoly over color. The technicolor feel of the WW84 poster fits the 1980s setting and shows that DC films are finally moving more and more away from Snyder-esque drab. And that’s not the only thing to notice on the poster.

Wonder Woman’s Technicolor Dream Armor

Diana seems to be donning new armor for this film beyond her basic outfit. This new Wonder Woman armor has some comic book antecedents. For starters, it has a slight feel of the New Look Wonder Woman relaunch under Denny O’Neil in the 1960s. In that era, Wonder Woman was stripped of her powers and became more of a mod-era super-spy. This, however, turned out to be a sales disaster and the powers and classic costume were soon restored. 

However, more recent costumes seem to be the strongest inspirations. The first is the Golden Eagle armor first seen in Kingdom Come and used in other comics as well. This Amazonian battle armor’s golden eagle motif stands out as a powerful costume. It’s become so iconic as a secondary costume for Diana that it even became player-character armor in DC Universe Online for those with Wonder Woman as a mentor.

The most modern of these antecedents, and the one that most likely inspired the look, is from the New 52/DC You run by David and Meredith Finch. Their armored revamp of the costume gave Wonder Woman pants and sleeves, not to mention retractable daggers in the bracers. But, like many things before Rebirth, a more traditional outfit eventually replaced this, one based on the movie costume. This more covering costume seems to the main basis for the costume in the poster.

Wonder Woman 84 debuts June 5th, 2020.

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