Why Wonder Woman Needs To Shine


In anticipation for the Wonder Woman movie set for release on June 2nd, speculation from several news sites has surfaced. These articles, such as this one from Slash Film, state that the early box office predictions slate the film at having the lowest opening numbers out of all current DCEU films, based on the universe’s performance thus far as well as the other movies slated to be released around the same time. To recap, the DCEU films so far are Man of Steel, Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Suicide Squad. All three movies, while enjoyable for most, revealed to be problematic in various ways, mainly in presentation and accuracy. Also, June 2nd is the first week of the summer blockbuster season, and up against other anticipated films such as The Mummy and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Still, it is rather frustrating that the box-office polls would put a figurative scarlet letter on a movie that has been one of the most anticipated since its announcement. 

Wonder Woman: Analysis Of Expectations

Wonder Woman has been anticipated for too long for us to give up on her now.
Now, to be fair, The DCEU has not retained a lot of faith from the fanbase due to the lackluster presentation of the films they have released so far, even from DC faithful like myself. So on that front, I can understand and agree why maybe some predict that Wonder Woman, being next in line to hit theaters, will take the brunt of the negative expectations. However, this is a movie that has been anticipated for a long time evolving from casting doubt with Gal Gadot, to growing acceptance, then a year of teaser images followed by teaser videos, an amazing trailer, not to mention, her debut in Batman v Superman. Also, with Geoff Johns now at the helm of the entertainment department, I feel like we can expect things in the universe to take a turn for the better. He has shown himself as one of us, a fan, someone that pays attention more to quality than the profit, and this year are his chance to prove this. Of course, let’s not forget about the director, Patty Jenkins, who directed the Award winning film Monster, and has, in an interview with Empire Online, expressed that she has done her best to blend in with the story that the DCEU has already set for the character. She has also opted to give the film a more classic appearance, where the characters tend to show more of themselves rather than the dark brooding theme that the DC films have taken in the past. For instance, Suicide Squad, for all the flaws, was classic, campy, and in my eyes, a true to form comic book story, where we get to see the characters as human, see them develop, versus the dark and brooding presentation that we got with Batman and Superman in the first two movies. 

Wonder Woman And Her Impact On Fandom

Wonder Woman wallpaper
Support from fans will change the tune!
Personally, I look forward to seeing and supporting this movie. As a young girl, DC comics, specifically the Batman universe, was one of the few comic series I had access to. Aside from the animation from the various Justice League shows, I did not really get into Wonder Woman as a character until recently. The character herself, insane demi-god status aside, is the embodiment of the modern-day woman, strong yet feminine, versatile, true. Given the current social climate, the presence of this character, as well as the introduction to the island of Amazons, is significant to a representation of women in fandom. Some may think that this is no longer an issue, but there is never an end to seeking a solid presence in a world that one is deemed unwelcome in. Even after constantly proving ourselves to our peers (both male and female), there is still a weird awkwardness in how women in the comic/sci-fi community are viewed and accepted. We are still questioned, checked, and treated as objects. This is even with strong female characters appearing in droves over the last decade. So while Wonder Woman is being released in a tight spot, it is our role as fans and moviegoers to change the predictive narrative and give our favorite Amazon our love and support. As many characters say about destiny, it does not exist, you can always choose your own fate.

What do you think? Do you have some doubts, or are you going to see the anticipation through? Let us know in the comments!

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