Wonderland #1 is Zenescope’s Greatest-Selling Comic Ever


Call Of Wonderland
Call Of Wonderland #1, Art by Jeff Scott Campbell

Zenescope Entertainment, has recently announced that issue #1 of its new, on-going series ‘Wonderland,’ by Raven Gregory, Ralph Tedesco and Joe Brusha has become the best-selling comic in the company’s illustrious seven year history, wherein it established itself as having an interesting take on horror and supernatural thrillers, and ‘Wonderland’ is no different. With the original trilogy (Return To Wonderland, Beyond Wonderland and Escape From Wonderland) having been Zenescope’s most popular series to date, and the new on-going series is continuing the trend with astounding sales that have well and truly surpassed expectations.

The on-going series continues years after the headstrong Calie Liddle managed to escape the horrors of Wonderland, and focusses on Calie, who has been successfully living in obscurity with her now teenaged daughter, Violet, as they desperately try to hide and escape from their chequered past. However, they both know that Wonderland does not simply let someone go, and Calie soon realises that she will have to fight back once more, for the good of her family.

“Wonderland #1 was out best-selling comic ever and it’s a testament to the creative teams behind the Wonderland series since it began in ’07.” Said Zenescope’s Editor-in-Chief, Ralph Tedesco. “Our fans have supported this series for over five years now and we’re so appreciative of their support.”

In other, big news, Lionsgate Studios (who have been responsible for some of the biggest box office smashes this year) have picked up the rights to produce Zenescope’s Wonderland for Television. Brian Robbins, (known for his work on teen-Superman drama, Smallville) will serve as an executive producer, accompanied by Zenescope’s Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco.

It’s not just on paper that Wonderland is selling at a phenomenal pace, but issue #1 is also seeing a great success through digital download, especially on digital distributor ComiXology, who announced it to be one of their best-selling comics throughout the month of July.

The success of Wonderland doesn’t just stop there, as Zenescope Entertainment are expanding their product line for Wonderland and have recently released its first ever action figure in association with CS Moore Studios, as well as a table-top board game through developer 5th Planet Games.

Wonderland #1 is available digitally on ComiXology, and can be ordered in print from Zenescope Entertainment’s website.


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