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Word of the Nerd Fall 2018 Fundraiser




We’re proud that Word of the Nerd has been able to share our love for nerd culture with our readers for the last 10 years — and we are quickly climbing to the top of the list when it comes to news on comics, television, and movies. Our staff works practically non-stop to bring our readers expert and professional content.

While we have tried to remain as ad-free as possible over the years, we have to pay the bills. There is nothing more annoying than pop-up ads videos that clog up your browser. Videos that play automatically at insane volumes. We hate that just as much as you do. We’re working hard to keep the number of ads that run on the site to a minimum with the goal of eliminating them entirely. We want to be 100% fan-funded with zero ads. 

So what does that mean for you? Well for starters it keeps us in a non-profit status so we can keep bringing you independent and non-biased content. No corporation that can tell us to give this comic a good review or don’t review that show because it’s not on “our network”. Honest reviews, fact-based reporting, no circulation of rumors or “fake news”. With Word of the Nerd, you get true fan opinions written by true fans.

While we know how to stretch a dollar, and we have been able to arrange for some discounts and creative solutions at keeping costs down, maintaining the website isn’t cheap. This year the price of hosting the site is increasing significantly. Our old hosting plan is no longer able to sustain the site and requires the move to another more costly plan. The need for your support has never been greater!

With the generous help of our readers, we’ve thankfully been able to cover the last two years of hosting costs as well as maintain updates to our software to help us bring you the best content throughout the year.

We’re hoping that you’ll once again help us keep our strictly volunteer-run site forging ahead, without those annoying ads and continue expanding our content.

If you love our site as much as we do, please donate today – big or small, any contribution helps to extend the life of this site and the resources we offer to our readers! Don’t worry, any donations received will strictly be used for hosting and associated maintenance costs.

Word of the Nerd is an entirely volunteer-run, not-for-profit website

You can also do a sustaining monthly donation via Patreon for regular patron-only gifts and perks

Word of the Nerd Fall 2018 Fundraiser

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