Workers Unhappy At Activision Blizzard


A Snowstorm Brewing


California-based gaming and media company, Activision Blizzard, has found a wider turnover of its staff in 2019, than any year previous.

The gaming giant known for its lucrative esports properties has roots within the industry since the early ’90s. The company has created just under three decades worth of content and maintained player bases of millions of users.

However, even with this pedigree of exposure, a growing discontent has arisen within the company. 

Key departures from the company 

Kim Phan - Image Courtesy Activision Blizzard
Kim Phan – Image Courtesy Activision Blizzard

Low morale festers from unused potential and lack of communication. In the case of Blizzard, key figures have begun to leave for greener pastures and better opportunities. Two major employees of note; Kim Phan, former global esports director, and Nate Nazar, former league commissioner of Overwatch, have caused a large rift due to their departure. 

A high-profile source spoke with, citing that Pete Vlastelica, the current CEO of the esports division, is a factor in an ongoing downturn of morale.

The source reveals that a lack of comprehension of esports and poor management of the leagues has caused friction and discontent within the work base.

This follows on from a series of employees getting laid off just a few months ago, labeled as a restructuring of the company. The lay-offs have been a subject of debate online. The company enjoyed a highly successful fiscal year in 2018 and yet 800 employees were let go. 2018 was a record year and this did not stop a seemingly required restructuring plan involving removal of staff.

A sinking ship?

High-end departures coupled with increasingly unhappy workers. This is suggestive that more will be taking their leave before the end of the year.

As the saying goes, a ship is only as efficient as the crew that maintains it. The esports-crafted empire will have to tread lightly if it is to keep the cogs in motion. A dangerous path for any company to walk is one of negligence to the needs of its loyalists. Players and staff alike hope to see a brighter future for the company. Improvements will need to be made to keep the ship sailing. 


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