Workshop Wednesday – Real Redneck Geek Feet Building Tutorial

Kevin over at The Real Redneck Geek did us a solid this WW by sending this video on how to make costume feet. This will work for any build you need, mascots, animals, over-sized – you need it, this will build it!

A lot of costumes require either height, larger feet, non-human feet or all the above.  One costume he’s been working on is Sweetums from The Muppets.  He has large monster feet and is slightly taller than Kevin.  So, for this he’ll be making foam feet that he will mount shoes into! Before we break into the video build-along tutorial, let’s get our materials list and written steps!


Materials list

  • EVA foam – for adding grip and traction to the feet
  • Insulation foam – any thickness or color will work.  You’ll be laminating pieces together to get the height and width you need. Easily found at any home improvement store.
  • Cutting instrument – saw, box cutter, adult supervision
  • Wood glue
  • Dremel Tool
  • Sandpaper



  1.  Make a cardboard template of your foot design.  Something to keep in mind is Left and Right of the feet.  If it is at all human looking, there are left and right differences.  The easy thing to do is draw one, left or right, on the template and cut it out.  Then flip the template over and you’ve now got the other foot.
  2. Trace the template onto the EVA foam one for each foot.  This will be used for a little padding but mostly for traction.  Insulation foam can be very slippery.
  3. Trace the patter onto the insulation foam enough times to get the height and thickness you are looking for.  Again for both feet.  Might be a good idea to label them too.
  4. Cut out all the foam pieces.
  5. Use the wood glue to glue them all together (laminating).  I recommend wood glue because it won’t dissolve the foam, it’s very strong, and you can sand it.  I also take a scrap piece of foam, place it over the foot and put a heavy weight on it.  Using the scrap piece keeps the weight from damaging the foam foot.
  6. Let them dry for a while, sometimes overnight, sometimes longer.  Depends on how much glue you used.
  7. Once dry you can start sculpting it down from a large foam block into something foot shaped.  I used a belt sander, but you could just as easily use a box cutter or any other cutting device.
  8. This step could either be number 8 or 7, but you also need to make an opening for the shoe you will be mounting into the foot.  I chose to do it here simply to keep the foam a strong block before trying to hollow it out.  Simply trace the shoe and start slowly carving out the opening.
  9. You can use a Dremel tool to carve in any small details that you might need.
  10. Once done, paint the entire surface (except the bottom of the EVA foam) with wood glue.  This seals the foam so that you can then paint it, cover it, do whatever you need without worrying will it dissolve the foam.

Have a tutorial you’d like to see? Have questions? Want to see a particular tutorial? Let us know below!

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